2013 soon to be

a year ago i was flying back to provo, after spending our christmas holidays in portugal. i was so tired from the flight, and jetlaged, i couldn’t get myself up from the sofa to spend the year at the beach…and then i regretted it. so tonight we are going over to our friend’s place for dinner, and then heading to the beach for the fireworks. and i’m kind of excited for it, like our first new year’s eve by the beach.

if you’re visting, go to somewhere or ricky’s on the beach for some island party, we might go there too!

happy new year to you all, may 2013 be even more special and exciting!!

ps – a few dinner suggestions if you haven’t already booked: beach house, lemon, or the newly opened le bouchon du village.

happy weekend from somewhere

hey guys! i hope you’re having a sunny weekend and perhaps celebrating the queen’s golden jubilee. we have a holiday monday and tuesday – the perks of belonging to the british commonwealth…

this picture is from my friend’s wedding last week. the rehearsal dinner was at somewhere – it’s funny because it was my first rehearsal dinner (we don’t really do them in portugal), but all we did was eat tacos and drink pina coladas all night!

image by taurus studios


my long weekend began on thursday, when more than 80 friends and family came for  my friends’ wedding, here in provo. they are all staying at the sibonne hotel, having the hotel and beach all for themselves! we started with a welcome bbq at grace bay beach, a day out on the boat snorkeling and eating conch, and a fun rehearsal dinner watching the sunset at somewhere.

it’s great to have friends over, celebrate their special day and meet their wonderful guests who have come from all over the world, new york, spain, denmark and so on. since the bride is venezuelan and the groom is spanish i get to practice my spanish too! plus, i really get to enjoy the island, as if i were on vacation myself!

today is the big day and i can’t wait to see the beautiful bride and groom getting married on our beach!

this has been a truly fun weekend to remember.

hoping you all have an amazing weekend as well!

guest post ~ lila

lila is, in real life, my dear mum, i have previously shared a few things about her stay (here and here), and i can’t think of someone who enjoyed herself as much in provo. in every corner of the island she could see the beauty of it, the beaches, the well taken care gardens, the variety of sea shells. today she is sharing a little of her point of view with you –

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

I was in Provo for two weeks, and I think it was Paradise: the weather is good , the beaches are immense with not many people, or no one, the water is  transparent, in different colours of green, turquoise and blue, it is fresh, not cold or warm, the sand is thin and white. Besides, it is a quiet island, with no traffic, with restaurants to go by the sea, never crowded, the food is varied, and so many other things to do.
what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?
Snorkeling, specially in Coral Garden. Walking on the beach while listening to music on my ipod.  Driving around the island and discovering different beautiful beaches, the Bight, Emerald Point, Long Bay, Pelican beach…we counted ten, each nicer than the other. Going to Iguana island with the kayak. Seeing the world  underwater, on a trip with the Undersea Explorer semi sub boat. Having a drink at Grace Bay Club, at the sunset. Dinning at Amanyara (expensive). Going to Conch Shack and try some fried  conch. Having lunch at Somewhere,  a very nice  restaurant at Coral Garden’s. And, above all, the great surprise Joana and James organized, two days at Parrot Cay. That was fabulous!

would you recommend to a friend?

Of course, but not less than ten days. So that they have time to go to those wonderful beaches, and to do many of the different programs we wanted to do, also parasailing, body board, horse riding, etc. It´s worth it!!!!!!!