2013 soon to be

a year ago i was flying back to provo, after spending our christmas holidays in portugal. i was so tired from the flight, and jetlaged, i couldn’t get myself up from the sofa to spend the year at the beach…and then i regretted it. so tonight we are going over to our friend’s place for dinner, and then heading to the beach for the fireworks. and i’m kind of excited for it, like our first new year’s eve by the beach.

if you’re visting, go to somewhere or ricky’s on the beach for some island party, we might go there too!

happy new year to you all, may 2013 be even more special and exciting!!

ps – a few dinner suggestions if you haven’t already booked: beach house, lemon, or the newly opened le bouchon du village.

it’s election day in turks and caicos

happy friday friends! it’s my favorite time of the year here on island, not the typical fall – but not as hot, there is a nice breeze and it’s less humid than the rest of the year. james took this picture of my friends who came to visit last week – guest post coming this way soon!

it’s quite a big day today, it’s the first time there are elections since the british suspended the government in 2009 and appointed a governor to rule the islands. please send your positive vibes this way for a better future for turks and caicos islands!

by the way, did you know that it is forbidden to sell alcohol during voting time? see the picture i posted on facebook. apparently it’s common in other countries. i told my brother, who lives in brazil, and it’s the same thing there.

ps – so happy that somewhere finally reopened for lunch, and the french bakery reopened this week too!

a very special guest post ~ carleth & adrian

carleth and adrian are close friends, and, the cutest couple. as i’ve mentioned before (here), and luckily for me, they got married here in provo. i was flattered to know they had never been in turks and caicos and fell in love with the island through myseastory! i asked carleth to share a few thoughts on their special wedding weekend on island…

My dream was to get married on the most beautiful beach in the world, and it became true on May 26th.

It was a risk to organize a wedding at a place we had never been to, and most of our guests had never even heard of, but like someone once told me before: “with Turks & Caicos, you can never go wrong”. And so we did. We mobilized over 80 people from different corners of the planet, with the promise of paradise.

Grace Bay Beach exceeded our expectations and, on Memorial Day weekend, its turquoise waters created memories that will forever bond our eclectic and multicultural group.

It was a hot afternoon on May 26th, but nobody cared. Sweating on the dance floor of Bay Bistro was the perfect excuse for our friends to cool off in the water under the bright moon.

It was the happiest weekend of our lives, not only because we sealed our love for each other, but because of the wonderful activities in the island: the boat ride, the conch fishing, the snorkeling, the parasailing, the rum punch and the tasty fish tacos at Somewhere Café, all of which printed huge smiles on the faces of our loved ones.

One of our friends asked us if we will return to Provo one day, and we answered yes. “Maybe for our first anniversary” and he replied: “can we all tag along again??”

images 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7 by Taurus Studios

images 4 and 6 by David McLean