chalk sound national park

my mum and sister are over for a visit (hence, my little blogging…) so i am showing them around and making sure they don’t miss out on anything on island. i made a list of every beach and spot they should see in provo and the chalk sound national park was one of the first ones we headed to when they arrived.

chalk sound is a shallow lagoon, almost 5km long, with hundreds of rocky islands – and the water is a chalky turquoise colour! there are no sandy beaches (or very little), but isn’t the colour of the water amazing?

we drove through chalk sound drive, saw the amazing houses on silly creek and stopped on the side roads to sneak in, see the views and take pictures.

note to self – i must go back, rent a kayak to explore the islands and end up with lunch at las brisas with the best view of the lagoon.

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