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jan-17-instawhere did this month go – my new year’s resolution (of exploring san francisco more often and trying out more new spots), julia’s 3rd birthday bash and chinese new year – we’re ready for the love month. also, it’s been raining on and off and we’re doing our best to keep dry and sane ♡

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a few pictures from our trip to lisbon


julia and i travelled to lisbon last december – it always takes us some time adjusting to the different routines, and we have so many family and friends to see and make up for lost time, ‘we’ figured we would take it easy and just enjoy a staycation in lisbon for the holidays.

i always have a big list of errands and new spots i want to go to, but this time i tried not to be a ‘prisoner’ of my list and took it a day at a time, instead. we spent a lot of time at home, having long breakfasts with the family, visiting my grandmother and the occasional escape for some me time with friends.

here are a few pictures of our trip if you’d like to see –

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