my long weekend began on thursday, when more than 80 friends and family came for  my friends’ wedding, here in provo. they are all staying at the sibonne hotel, having the hotel and beach all for themselves! we started with a welcome bbq at grace bay beach, a day out on the boat snorkeling and eating conch, and a fun rehearsal dinner watching the sunset at somewhere.

it’s great to have friends over, celebrate their special day and meet their wonderful guests who have come from all over the world, new york, spain, denmark and so on. since the bride is venezuelan and the groom is spanish i get to practice my spanish too! plus, i really get to enjoy the island, as if i were on vacation myself!

today is the big day and i can’t wait to see the beautiful bride and groom getting married on our beach!

this has been a truly fun weekend to remember.

hoping you all have an amazing weekend as well!

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