distric / new orleans

district-by-myseastory-5when we first arrived to new orleans last october, i was on the look out for a good coffee shop in our neighbourhood. one of my favorite routines is going out in the morning with julia and grabbing a coffee, to help start my days off on the right foot :) it’s amazing how kids like their routines, so it works out for both of us.

district-by-myseastory-7district-by-myseastory-12 district-by-myseastory-14

luckily, on day 2 i found district hand pie & coffee bar, just two blocks away from our airbnb. not only the girls there are super friendly, but their coffee is really good, and they use the best ingredients. on special ‘treat days’, which happened more often than i would like to admit, we would get a blueberry muffin or a chocolate chip cookie with sea salt – delicious and just too tempting!


then we found out they also have a food truck (which we never got the chance to see) and a second location on magazine street, district: donuts, sliders, brew – a fun and casual spot for craft brewed coffee, sliders and an outstanding creativity for donut flavors. their mind-blowing donuts are different every day and range from salted caramel, vietnamese iced coffee, red beans and rice, peanut butter and marshmallow or limoncello and poppyseed to name a few. its always busy and sometimes with a queue that can scare you off, but so worth the wait.

also, how cool are those iconic benches pictured on top?!

district is definitely our favorite coffee shop in new orleans, there’s nothing like it and we”re going to miss our daily coffees and weekend donut dates!

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6th picture from district’s website, all other by myseastory

magasin cafe / new orleans

magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-3one of the reasons james was excited about moving to new orleans, was the variety of vietnamese food available, he craves it all the time and, if possible, would eat it every day. he also likes hole in the wall type of restaurants, but to be honest that’s just not my thing (let’s keep it real, folks!). so when we found magasin cafe, a modern vietnamese restaurant, located just a few blocks from our house, we hit jackpot finding a good compromise for both.

we come here for a meal at least once a week, it’s usually easy to get a table and the staff are super friendly, so we kind of feel like at home. it’s also very kid friendly, and that’s how we roll these days :)

magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-1when i like a certain dish, i find it difficult to be adventurous, so i always order the same thing – vermicelli (rice noodles with lettuce, cabbage, mint, bean sprouts and peanuts) with grilled pork or sometimes grilled shrimp – filling, yet light and delicious.

magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-6magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-7magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-2james likes the shrimp spring rolls (rolled in rice paper and dipped in peanut sauce, not fried like the chinese version),  steamed pork bun and then pho, vietnam’s national dish (a brothy soup with rice noodles, lot’s of fresh herbs and a variety of meat options). (there are of course a ton of other things he likes and craves, this is just a ‘sample’)magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-4magasin-cafe-by-myseastory-5

oh, and i’m a big fan of their vietnamese iced coffee, cafe sua da, so sweet and very refreshing (remember my first new orleans picture?)

also, they’ve just recently opened magasin kitchen, their new restaurant in new orlean’s central business district. i haven’t had the chance to try, but it looks pretty cool too.

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island fish fry

last week we headed to the bight for dinner at the weekly fish fry, we had heard so much about it, we were dying to try it out.

the fish fry is a new event, held every thursday, organized by the tourist board and lime, and featuring local music and food.

there was music, dance – and my favourite, junkanoo – and food stalls from most of the island restaurants featuring local food – fried fish, cracked conch, jerk chicken or fried lobster with rice and peas, mac and cheese, corn on the cob or fried plantain.

it was packed, with locals, residents and tourists, so i recommend going early.

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picture taken by james of henry the conch and me.

stix / providenciales

a bunch of our friends were raving about stix, so we decided to check it out last weekend. it’s the new pop up restaurant and bar, right on the beach, by grace bay club, it opened 6 weeks ago, and all food is served on sticks.

what i most liked about it is that you actually have your feet on the sand, so it’s perfect if you like going for walks on the beach (like i do!!!) and stop by stix for a casual lunch with mojitos or an afternoon drink!

also, it gives such a good ambiance to the beach, if you know what i mean – sea, sand, sun and good food? yes, please! this is why i love living in provo. we tried a little bit of almost everything, i was most curious about the lion fish skewer, since it’s considered a plague in the caribbean sea, we never see it in restaurant menus, and yet it is delicious!

the jerk roasted corn on the cobb is apparently a best seller, and flavours  that are totally unexpected. if you try this one, i guarantee you’re going back for more!

stix is planned to be open until july, it opens daily from 11am until sunset, for more info, contact grace bay club on 649 946 5050.

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Edit – stix is now located at the west bay club resort, and we still love going for a casual meal with our feet in the sand :)

i love this city

lisboaa week in lisbon was definitely too short, i always end up having a lot of chores, like meeting my accountant, going to the dentist, laundry, seamstress…doing all sorts of things we don’t have on island. so it gave me little extra time to see my family and closest friends.

still, it is always worth it, and being in the city itself fills me with energy – so i tried to absorve all of the good things i miss about lisbon – riding on the tram, walking on the sidewalks (called calçadas, they are the most beautiful sidewalks on earth!!), looking at the tiles (azulejos in portuguese) and admiring the views to the tagus river!

i-love-this-city-2 i-love-this-city-3



the food is always an important component too, and although i always go for fresh fish, shellfish, portuguese pastries, and sushi – there is one favourite spot my portuguese friends know i have to go to – casanova.i-love-this-city-6

i-love-this-city-7it is owned by an italian and located by the river. i’ve been coming here since they opened in 2000, and they have the best pizzas on earth – yes, i feel confident saying it! i like so many of them that i usually order half and half – the casanova, the funghi or the pesto. i love their starters too – the scamorza affumicata, the bresaola, the bruschettas…the home made iced tea is unbeatable, although sometimes i go for the prosecco. and to finish off the panacotta is delicious and light – i know, not in calories though.

oh, life would be so much easier if i had casanova in turks and caicos….

it’s always packed, so it is best to go in between meals.


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