somewhere / providenciales


until you’ve been (to) somewhere.

sometimes i have to remind myself to take full advantage of the island life. so yesterday i suggested we go (to) somewhere  after work. it’s one of my favourite spots, very casual, great view, i love that they have their daily ice tea specials and usually i go for their fish tacos – so yum!

i know, i know, you must think all we eat around here is mexican…i promise to post some pictures of local food soon!

8 thoughts on “somewhere / providenciales

  1. it’s also one of our fav lunch spots during the week! it overlooks an awesome protected coral reef called Coral Gardens. it’s a snorkeler’s paradise… here is the link to the website of the TCI Reef Fund that is working to preserve the various natual reefs on Provo.
    Don, one of the founders, is a great guy and fun to scuba dive with.

  2. Oh how I miss Somewhere!! Just stumbled across your blog, glad that mine was of help to you! and I see they’ve opened a new Mexican place since we left – ain’t it always the way! Hey Jose looks great! Hope you enjoy your Provo living – I know we did!

    • i was so sorry to hear you were leaving…was hoping you would give me more tips ;-)
      i know what you mean, somewhere is still the best! there’s a new indian too…so lot’s has changed in 6 months!!

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