our wedding anniversary weekend

my-sea-story-parrot-cay-1i know i’ve posted about parrot cay before but i don’t think i will ever get tired of visiting this beautiful island – we are so lucky to be a 20 minute boat ride away, and every reason to celebrate, we’re there!

so a couple of weeks ago, james and i went for the weekend, with the excuse of celebrating our 2nd wedding anniversary, and we brought julia with us, of course ;) we were also visiting my cousin, who’s been living on the island for the past year and a half, and sadly will be leaving soon. Continue reading

baby break at parrot cay


baby break at parrot cay | myseastoryfor my birthday, last month, we wanted to take it very easy, julia and i had just been back to provo for over a month and we were still getting the hang of it. so we decided to get away and spend the day close by, at parrot cay.

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

our lunch faves – clockwise starting top left – tuna tataki: gypsy salad: pannacota with berries sorbet: cesar with prawns.

we are so lucky that we have this beautiful resort so close to us – we took the morning boat and in 20 minutes we were there. we were getting the last boat back at 5.30, giving us enough time to have a relaxing lunch by the pool, and enjoy the beach for a couple of hours before heading back to provo.


baby break at parrot cay | myseastorywe weren’t sure how it would work out with the stroller, getting on the boat, access to the restaurant and the beach. we were given a room for the day in case we needed a changing, feeding, napping break, so that was really helpful.

baby break at parrot cay | myseastory

this is MY bed, you can take the crib!

baby break at parrot cay | myseastoryjulia loves hotels – she’s takes after her mum and dad – and loved spending the day here. the resort is not tailored to baby / baby strollers, there are a couple of steps here and there that make it a little more challenging, but some rooms have easier access, and the staff was so friendly, somehow everything worked out. we look forward to coming back soon!

julia-does-pc-2ps – parrot cay baby moon and julia’s first hotel stay

guest post ~ marta


guest post | marta via myseastory


marta and monica came to visit last month from paris, they were lucky because they arrived one week after sandy. although it was a bit windy and the sea was kind of rough, we spent a great week together running around the island, laughing all the time and taking lots of pictures. it was, once again, a great opportunity for me to see the island through their eyes – and enjoy it so much more. marta takes beautiful pictures, have a look and read about what she thought of turks and caicos. thanks for visiting girls!

turks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastorywhat do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special? 

The colour of the sea: amazing blue. The so-deliciously-warm temperatures. The lobster. The space and no-one-at-sight beaches: we were just US and the white sand. How cool is that? To feel like you have an island for yourself? The feeling that you are away from everything and everyone but the comforting thought that you are quite close to Miami. A couple of unique and secluded luxury resorts. The chilled mood that makes you just want to lay in the sand and forget about the world. The huge difference from the Miami glittering-vibe.

turks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastorymarta-8what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

Grabbing so many and beautiful seashells in the sand. Watching the amazing kite surf “performers”. The unique and silent sunset at Amanyara. The day spent at Parrot Cay. Any on-the-boat activity. The local conch meals. The spa at Grace Club. Going to so many different beaches and having no one around!

turks and caicos | myseastorymarta-10turks and caicos | myseastorywould you recommend to a friend?
I would force a friend to come if I could. It is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries, enter the I-don’t-have-to-think-about-anything-sate-of-mind. It’s so beautiful here…
turks and caicos | myseastoryall pictures by marta
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craving these…

i am so craving these right now!

my all time fish tacos favourite on island are the ones from somewhere, but the ones i had at parrot cay are to die for. yes, i would go all the way to the next door island just for them! i tell you, they are so worth it…


when we went to parrot cay for a short break a few weeks ago, i noticed they had beautiful lush gardens and orchids all over the island – then i looked closer and realized they actually plant orchids on the trees!  i had never seen this before, this is such an awesome idea, and it gives an original effect.