10 days in turks and caicos

my-sea-story-4if you remember this (semi-fake) post, one of the items on my bucket list was to have my dad visit us, and thanks to her, he finally made it to turks and caicos. my parents, my sister and her boyfriend spent 10 amazing days with us and i would love to share a few of the things we did during their stay.

my-sea-story-11my-sea-story-16my-sea-story-1we went to da conch shack for the best cracked conch and fried plantains – my mum bought a gorgeous conch to bring back home as a souvenir – yes, very touristy and we love it!


we went beach-sight-seeing, other than grace bay beach, there are loads of gorgeous beaches on island, we went to pelican beach, emerald point, long bay beach, turtle tail, taylor bay and sapodilla bay. we visited chalk sound national park and the gorgeous chalky water colour.

my-sea-story-18we drank loads of fresh coconut water, from in our garden.

my-sea-story-19my dad took my mum sailing on grace bay beach – next time they’ll go stand up paddle boarding!


my dad and james went fishing with silver deep, whilst julia and i took my mum and sister shopping at our favorite store – the boutique at grace bay club. that night, we were lucky to have the best tuna sashimi, caught by them!my-sea-story-3we went to amanyara for the most amazing sunset drinks – i always have their champagne mojito.

my-sea-story-20we went to somewhere – more times than we would like to admit – for some snorkeling at coral gardens, followed by the best pulled pork tacos.

we dipped julia under the water – counted to three, blew on her face, and gulp glup – i was more scared than her, she just reacted a little surprised, and we found it too funny.

my-sea-story-9we had the best beach lunch at stix – our favorite place to have a meal with our feet on the sand.

my-sea-story-10we had smoothies and iced lattes at lemon 2 go, chocolate chips cookies, so good we had to eat them before taking any picture.

my-sea-story-13sometime my family would go out sightseeing or relaxing by the beach, james was working, whilst i stayed home with julia napping, and then we would get together for some more playtime. julia loves being in the water, but this was her first encounter with the sand, it was so funny to see her curious reaction.

my-sea-story-6we had the best family meals at home and relaxed for hours at the beach and played with julia in the water!

thank you mum and dad, for coming to visit, thanks ines and nuno for joining, for spoiling and making julia laugh non stop! we had the best time ever and can’t wait to have you back ♡


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guest post ~ lila

lila is, in real life, my dear mum, i have previously shared a few things about her stay (here and here), and i can’t think of someone who enjoyed herself as much in provo. in every corner of the island she could see the beauty of it, the beaches, the well taken care gardens, the variety of sea shells. today she is sharing a little of her point of view with you –

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

I was in Provo for two weeks, and I think it was Paradise: the weather is good , the beaches are immense with not many people, or no one, the water is  transparent, in different colours of green, turquoise and blue, it is fresh, not cold or warm, the sand is thin and white. Besides, it is a quiet island, with no traffic, with restaurants to go by the sea, never crowded, the food is varied, and so many other things to do.
what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?
Snorkeling, specially in Coral Garden. Walking on the beach while listening to music on my ipod.  Driving around the island and discovering different beautiful beaches, the Bight, Emerald Point, Long Bay, Pelican beach…we counted ten, each nicer than the other. Going to Iguana island with the kayak. Seeing the world  underwater, on a trip with the Undersea Explorer semi sub boat. Having a drink at Grace Bay Club, at the sunset. Dinning at Amanyara (expensive). Going to Conch Shack and try some fried  conch. Having lunch at Somewhere,  a very nice  restaurant at Coral Garden’s. And, above all, the great surprise Joana and James organized, two days at Parrot Cay. That was fabulous!

would you recommend to a friend?

Of course, but not less than ten days. So that they have time to go to those wonderful beaches, and to do many of the different programs we wanted to do, also parasailing, body board, horse riding, etc. It´s worth it!!!!!!!

guest post ~ natasha & adriano

natasha and adriano live in new york and they came over to turks and caicos for a long weekend. it was great having them, showing them around and going out for drinks and dinner!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

By far the best beach with a perfect white sand and crystal clear, turquoise sea. I know this answer is a cliche but it truly is a definition of this beautiful island.

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

While staying in Provo i just wanted to relax and enjoy by the beach. A boat trip for conch fishing  and a visit to Iguana island is a fun thing to do, as well is a lunch at the Conch Shack. Also a visit to Amanyara for a sunset was one of my favorites.

would you recommend to a friend?

Definitely YESSS!

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hope you had a great weekend and weren’t too cold, if you were off island…

we had some friends over from new york. it’s always nice to have a visitors and enjoy the island from their point of view – we had a relaxing lunch at da conch shack, had fun shooting starfish and relaxed at the beach and went out for dinner and drinks.

we even went on a mini road trip to the amanyara resort, it is just 30 minutes away, but since we moved to provo, everything further than 10 minutes becomes a road trip for us!

it was a nice break from our usual island life. the resort is secluded, it is quiet, calm and relaxed and  perfect for a drink at sunset – seriously they have the best mojito on island.

we were lucky enough to arrive just in time for some whale watching – humpback whales migrate through turks and caicos during this time of the year. i have to say it is exciting, seeing them passing right in front of the beach club at the resort!

i hear amanyara will soon be opening their beach club for non residents and they have this amazing new pizza oven – i can’t wait to go back for pizza and a mojito, great combo for me!

all images from amanyara