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december as always went by too quickly, this year a little less stressful as there were no or few gifts to be bought. i went to a few local pop ups and craft markets but made an effort to keep away from shops and sales overall. julia was off school for two weeks and it was nice to linger at home in the mornings, she has taken a liking to staying home (maybe the weather?) and have no schedules overall. we spent a few days in southern california visiting her grandmother, which she was so excited about. also, the flights are a huge hit these days – it has become her ultimate pretend play.

for new year’s eve, in a few hours, we’re keeping it low, watching movies together and baking zucchini and chocolate cupcakes ♡

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halloween and thanksgiving are done, we’re on a drumroll to christmas, it’ll be the first one we spend in the us, although we’ll miss home and having all the family around us, we’re trying to enjoy this season to the fullest in berkeley and participate in some of the local festivities.

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aug16-instaand that’s a wrap! we just got back from 2 amazing months spent in my hometown, lisbon – it was a quiet summer with a lot of family time, plenty of pool time and beach days galore (and ice cream dates, of course). we still made it to zurich for a long weekend in the city, and a week spent at the coolest beach house, just south of lisbon.

now we’re back in berkeley, settling down, adjusting (to the weather!!) and tunning in, to a new routine. follow me here for more daily posts :)