parrot cay

parrot cay was the first thing that came to my mind the very first time i heard about turks and caicos – actually, it was everything i knew about turks and caicos. you might remember me mentioning before, HERE and HERE, but last weekend i finally got the chance to see it for myself.

since my mum and sister were visiting we made a little trip off island and stayed there for a couple of days. from the very first moment, when we were greeted at the pier, whilst waiting for the boat to take us, throughout the whole stay, we felt really far away and soooo pampered!

we relaxed at the beach, went for long walks, took pictures of the amazing sand banks with the low tide, found sand dollars for the first time, and cycled around exploring the beautiful island.

we stayed next to an old pirate house, where supposedly the pirates used to live. can you believe the island was initially called pirate cay, but was changed to parrot cay so as not to frighten visitors? cute pirate house, hum?

we had cocktails by the pool and since james was craving asian, we had dinner at lotus, their asian restaurant – my favorite was a delicious starter they had with tofu and coconut milk with fried plantain!

parrot cay is as breathtaking as i had imagined it and i can’t wait to go back for another weekend!

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