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halloween and thanksgiving are done, we’re on a drumroll to christmas, it’ll be the first one we spend in the us, although we’ll miss home and having all the family around us, we’re trying to enjoy this season to the fullest in berkeley and participate in some of the local festivities.

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aug16-instaand that’s a wrap! we just got back from 2 amazing months spent in my hometown, lisbon – it was a quiet summer with a lot of family time, plenty of pool time and beach days galore (and ice cream dates, of course). we still made it to zurich for a long weekend in the city, and a week spent at the coolest beach house, just south of lisbon.

now we’re back in berkeley, settling down, adjusting (to the weather!!) and tunning in, to a new routine. follow me here for more daily posts :)

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jun16-instaa few pictures from life in the bay area and a very short trip to disney – now getting ready for our trip to portugal and excited to catch up with family and old friends. follow me here for daily posts :) and if you like check out my #bayareaspots, working on a mini guide out soon ♡ and if you’re in the us, hope you have a lovely extra long weekend xx

checking in…

checking-init’s been 2 months since we arrived in berkeley, and already one month in our new house. it feels like everything happened very fast and i’m so glad we’re finally in (sort of) a routine. julia’s happy in our new home and i am so grateful for new friends who have just moved here too and with whom we’re exploring the bay area, kids style :) daycares seem to be extremely expensive and hard to find, also it looks like starting in the middle of the school year is not common. luckily, the bay area has an abundance of activities for kids, which means getting bored is not an option.

to be honest, at first i had a hard time understudying the city. it feels more like a group of different neighborhoods, each one with its own characteristics. and not so much with the normal structure of a city like in europe, or even like the island we used to live! i’m happy with our home choice, we’re in a small modern apartment (= easy cleaning), walking distance to a great playground, where we go almost every day, and an amazing grocery store. we’re really close to all the other nice neighborhoods where we like to hang out too. but due to my recent love for coffee, our neighborhood is definitely lacking a good spot (although it might be for the best…).

on a more personal note, i’m finding very hard to keep on track with the blog. i have debated myself numerous times if i should close it (which would break my heart) or keep pushing myself to post. i barely have time to clean, cook and keep julia busy, and when i do, i reeeeally need to chill (rather than selecting images, writing, editing and posting). so i will not label it closed or open for business :) but will remove any pressure and post when i find the time.

i will keep feeding instagram, as it is a lot more doable and can be posted on-the-go. i’m loving exploring berkeley, oakland, san francisco and other cities of the san francisco bay area , and already have my favorite spots – so be sure to follow my hashtag #mybayareaspots on instagram, where i will include coffee shops, restaurants, museums and other fun things to do in the bay area. yes, and julia too.