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marta and monica came to visit last month from paris, they were lucky because they arrived one week after sandy. although it was a bit windy and the sea was kind of rough, we spent a great week together running around the island, laughing all the time and taking lots of pictures. it was, once again, a great opportunity for me to see the island through their eyes – and enjoy it so much more. marta takes beautiful pictures, have a look and read about what she thought of turks and caicos. thanks for visiting girls!

turks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastorywhat do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special? 

The colour of the sea: amazing blue. The so-deliciously-warm temperatures. The lobster. The space and no-one-at-sight beaches: we were just US and the white sand. How cool is that? To feel like you have an island for yourself? The feeling that you are away from everything and everyone but the comforting thought that you are quite close to Miami. A couple of unique and secluded luxury resorts. The chilled mood that makes you just want to lay in the sand and forget about the world. The huge difference from the Miami glittering-vibe.

turks and caicos | myseastoryturks and caicos | myseastorymarta-8what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

Grabbing so many and beautiful seashells in the sand. Watching the amazing kite surf “performers”. The unique and silent sunset at Amanyara. The day spent at Parrot Cay. Any on-the-boat activity. The local conch meals. The spa at Grace Club. Going to so many different beaches and having no one around!

turks and caicos | myseastorymarta-10turks and caicos | myseastorywould you recommend to a friend?
I would force a friend to come if I could. It is the perfect destination to recharge your batteries, enter the I-don’t-have-to-think-about-anything-sate-of-mind. It’s so beautiful here…
turks and caicos | myseastoryall pictures by marta
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guest post ~ pedro

pedro is my friend since we are 7 years old, oh well we had a gap of more than twenty years, but when we saw each other again we really felt as if time hadn’t gone by. we couldn’t believe we hadn’t seen each other that long! he was my friend growing up in school in madrid and spending summer vacations in the north os portugal. so i was uber excited to know he was coming for our friends’ wedding and would be sating a few more days to catch up!

ps – you will see panchi, the traveled dog, in pedro’s pictures – he will be visiting creta and thailand soon!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

It’s an amazing island. Its beaches are breath-taking. The difference with other places is that even in high season, you still feel that the place is never crowded and that there are hundreds of spots in which you can relax and feel as you were on your own. Although there are hotels and houses by the beach, nature is very well preserved and the sea life is incredible. Scuba diving and snorkeling is a must. Don’t forget to go “conch” hunting and eat this delicious food in all its different ways. Plus people are kind and you always feel safe.

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

Without any doubt scuba diving, snorkeling, long walks by the beach, chill out with friends and talk to the friendly people that live there. 

would you recommend to a friend?

100%. There are few paradises on earth as this place. It’s a must, at least once in a lifetime. A fantastic place to celebrate unforgettable weddings or other special celebrations. You can’t go wrong with this place – except if you don’t like sunny places, the sea, diving and other related sports and spending time in relax natural environments.

guest post ~ inês

i was so excited to have my inês over, she’s actually much more than just my sister, she’s my friend, and also some kind of a daughter – we are 15 years apart!  surprisingly she is a great actress, ubber stylish and has an amazing blog (the pop up store), where she sells her fashion finds.
what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?
This might sound silly, but I think one of the things that makes Provo so special is the fact that there is always enough of everything for everyone! Let me explain: there’s always enough beach for everyone, it’s never crowded! There’s always another restaurant to try out! Always more sea to explore! Always more coral to find! Always more activities to do (parasailing, horse-back riding, going to the Conch Farm, seeing the glow-worms)! Always more seashells to pick! Always more hotels to visit! Always more island to explore! Always more of everything to do! There are so many different things to do, that your visit to Provo can be catered to your own taste. Your personal experience of Provo will ALWAYS be different from someone else’s visit!
But the fact that the beaches are NEVER crowded has to be what most impressed me!
what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?
Obviously diving! I got my PADI Open Water Diver license, and enjoyed every dive til the last breath! I went diving in Five Cays and French Cay;  next time I’m over I’ll have to visit all the other diving sites!
would you recommend to a friend?
I would (and do!) most definitely recommend Providenciales to a friend! However, I also recommend that you do your homework before coming! Your stay will be a lot more enjoyable if you know where the best beaches are, which are the best restaurants, what the best activities are, so you can make the best out of them!
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guest post ~ lila

lila is, in real life, my dear mum, i have previously shared a few things about her stay (here and here), and i can’t think of someone who enjoyed herself as much in provo. in every corner of the island she could see the beauty of it, the beaches, the well taken care gardens, the variety of sea shells. today she is sharing a little of her point of view with you –

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

I was in Provo for two weeks, and I think it was Paradise: the weather is good , the beaches are immense with not many people, or no one, the water is  transparent, in different colours of green, turquoise and blue, it is fresh, not cold or warm, the sand is thin and white. Besides, it is a quiet island, with no traffic, with restaurants to go by the sea, never crowded, the food is varied, and so many other things to do.
what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?
Snorkeling, specially in Coral Garden. Walking on the beach while listening to music on my ipod.  Driving around the island and discovering different beautiful beaches, the Bight, Emerald Point, Long Bay, Pelican beach…we counted ten, each nicer than the other. Going to Iguana island with the kayak. Seeing the world  underwater, on a trip with the Undersea Explorer semi sub boat. Having a drink at Grace Bay Club, at the sunset. Dinning at Amanyara (expensive). Going to Conch Shack and try some fried  conch. Having lunch at Somewhere,  a very nice  restaurant at Coral Garden’s. And, above all, the great surprise Joana and James organized, two days at Parrot Cay. That was fabulous!

would you recommend to a friend?

Of course, but not less than ten days. So that they have time to go to those wonderful beaches, and to do many of the different programs we wanted to do, also parasailing, body board, horse riding, etc. It´s worth it!!!!!!!

guest post ~ natasha & adriano

natasha and adriano live in new york and they came over to turks and caicos for a long weekend. it was great having them, showing them around and going out for drinks and dinner!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

By far the best beach with a perfect white sand and crystal clear, turquoise sea. I know this answer is a cliche but it truly is a definition of this beautiful island.

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

While staying in Provo i just wanted to relax and enjoy by the beach. A boat trip for conch fishing  and a visit to Iguana island is a fun thing to do, as well is a lunch at the Conch Shack. Also a visit to Amanyara for a sunset was one of my favorites.

would you recommend to a friend?

Definitely YESSS!

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