providenciales beach guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-beach-guidehow many beaches have you visited in turks and caicos? grace bay beach is the longest, beautiful and award winning one, but there are so many more worth a visit. there are still a couple i have never been too (and will have to be on my bucket list for my first visit back!) –

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grace bay beach walks

grace-bay-beach-walks-03a few weeks ago, i challenged myself to go for 20 beach walks before traveling to portugal on vacation. since julia was born, finding the time to exercise has not been an easy task – to make sure i was staying active, taking one hour to go for a beach walk on grace bay beach, sounded like achievable and productive at the same time.

it was a fun challenge and to make it more interesting, i recorded my progress on instagram by taking a picture for every walk (see #gracebaybeachwalks on instagram).

it wasn’t that easy, most times i was only available to go for walks when the sun was too hot, and…i get easily bored of doing the same thing. but i felt active, it helped clear my mind and it was an hour i had to myself 3 times a week. i made it!! and would love to share a few of the pictures here –


ps – my walks on grace bay beach in 2012, and to see all the pictures with this hashtag, click  here

julia 14/52

julia-1452julia at 15 months – she’s been teething lately, that means no eating and the worst moods, it also means that i don’t have 1 minute break for the time she’s awake. until i take her to the beach or pool, then she forgets everything and she’s in her element ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter 

the world’s top island

top-island-in-the-world-by-myseastorywoopa, providenciales was elected by trip advisor the #1 travelers’ choice island in the world – and we get to live here!!

julia 12/52

julia-1252julia at 14 months – last week at footprints on the beach with our baby group – just lounging and having raisins, her favorite snack, after a swim in the pool…baby life in turks and caicos ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter