guest post ~ natasha & adriano

natasha and adriano live in new york and they came over to turks and caicos for a long weekend. it was great having them, showing them around and going out for drinks and dinner!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

By far the best beach with a perfect white sand and crystal clear, turquoise sea. I know this answer is a cliche but it truly is a definition of this beautiful island.

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

While staying in Provo i just wanted to relax and enjoy by the beach. A boat trip for conch fishing  and a visit to Iguana island is a fun thing to do, as well is a lunch at the Conch Shack. Also a visit to Amanyara for a sunset was one of my favorites.

would you recommend to a friend?

Definitely YESSS!

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hope you had a great weekend and weren’t too cold, if you were off island…

we had some friends over from new york. it’s always nice to have a visitors and enjoy the island from their point of view – we had a relaxing lunch at da conch shack, had fun shooting starfish and relaxed at the beach and went out for dinner and drinks.

we even went on a mini road trip to the amanyara resort, it is just 30 minutes away, but since we moved to provo, everything further than 10 minutes becomes a road trip for us!

it was a nice break from our usual island life. the resort is secluded, it is quiet, calm and relaxed and  perfect for a drink at sunset – seriously they have the best mojito on island.

we were lucky enough to arrive just in time for some whale watching – humpback whales migrate through turks and caicos during this time of the year. i have to say it is exciting, seeing them passing right in front of the beach club at the resort!

i hear amanyara will soon be opening their beach club for non residents and they have this amazing new pizza oven – i can’t wait to go back for pizza and a mojito, great combo for me!

all images from amanyara

i heart conch

before coming here, i had never heard of conch – now i see these large sea snails every day. conch is in our flag, in our license plates, but mostly in our plates: conch curry, conch ceviche, cracked conch, conch fritters, conch stew, conch creole, you name it! remember the annual conch festival i told you about?

the first time i saw how they really looked, i didn’t think i would go for it. then i was recommended to start with the cracked conch, and the whole eating conch experience became much, much easier – cracked conch is easy to like and reminded me of fried calamari. slowly i started trying out other types of conch and getting the hang of it, now i go for all things conch!

do you see the conch trying to get out of the shell? little did these creatures know they were about to become conch ceviches!

ps –  my favourites spots for conch are the conch shack in provo and frank’s cafe in north caicos.

da conch shack

we always love going to da conch shack, its the perfect spot to take our guests for a meal and it truly gives you a caribbean feeling, right on the beach with the perfect view.

plus, the food is amazing, you can eat everything conch; stew, curry, fritters, cracked and salad. i love the cracked conch for starter and the blackened snapper, locally caught snapper with a delicious spicy seasoning – and the fried plantains…so yummy!

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pictures 2 and 4 by chris ramirez via nytimes

things to do in provo

one of my favourite persons might be coming for a visit soon – yayyyy!

so i put together a list of my top things to do in provo, to get her tempted…i thought i would share it with you and maybe i can get more visitors!

  • sea, sun and sand at the award winning grace bay beach and other hidden beach spots in provo
  • a sunset or glow worm cruise with atebeyra
  • a snorkeling and iguana island tour with caicos dream tours
  • horseback ridding with caicos corral
  • parasailing at grace bay beach
  • yoga class by the beach at the gasenvoort resort
  • diving with provo turtle divers
  • fish tacos for lunch at somewhere followed by an afternnon snorkling at coral gardens
  • a visit to green bean for breakfast, delicious salad lunch or just coffee and cookies
  • sunset drinks at veranda resort
  • dinner at anacaona for the lobster tasting menu (during lobster season) – so yum!
  • lunch at da conch shack to sample all conch specialities and get a little buzzed with their delicious rum punch
  • jamaican jerk bbq at chinson’s on friday night

…and lot’s of more to explore!