caicos dream

i have previously mentioned caicos dream tours (here), but it’s was about time I tell you a little more about it.

here’s the thing, every time we have friends and family visiting we go on this tour -yes, i have lost my count! my first time was on my first weekend on island and last week i got to go again – and i love it every time.

last week we were a ginormous group, so we had two boats for ourselves, but usually they pick up tourists staying at hotels along grace bay beach.

this is perfect for half a day plan and the outing has three different chapters!

first we stop by the reef for some snorkeling, i recommend you bringing your snorkeling material, but otherwise you can borrow theirs. we get to see all sorts of coral and colored fish – sometimes we bring our underwater camera too.

then we stop at a special spot to go conch searching, it is quite tricky as they are very well disguised.

we then stopped at iguana island, learn how to clean up a conch and relax by the beach in search of iguanas.

last week there were loads of eagle rays coming near the shore and we even saw a small shark just when we got out of the water!! can you see it? i know it’s small, but still a shark!

on the way back we get to eat conch ceviche made with the conchs we found and each family can take a conch shell home.

we had a great day out and i recommend anyone coming to provo to sign up! make sure you bring lots of sunscreen!!

see more pictures HERE

caicos dream tour contacts – (649) 231-7274 – a 3hour tour as described costs 89$per person.

i heart conch

before coming here, i had never heard of conch – now i see these large sea snails every day. conch is in our flag, in our license plates, but mostly in our plates: conch curry, conch ceviche, cracked conch, conch fritters, conch stew, conch creole, you name it! remember the annual conch festival i told you about?

the first time i saw how they really looked, i didn’t think i would go for it. then i was recommended to start with the cracked conch, and the whole eating conch experience became much, much easier – cracked conch is easy to like and reminded me of fried calamari. slowly i started trying out other types of conch and getting the hang of it, now i go for all things conch!

do you see the conch trying to get out of the shell? little did these creatures know they were about to become conch ceviches!

ps –  my favourites spots for conch are the conch shack in provo and frank’s cafe in north caicos.

conch festival

last weekend he headed to the conch festival, since it is our first year in provo, we were excited to see what it was about!

we went straight to the conch tasting competition, sampling dishes prepared by the 25 local participating restaurants – our favourite? parallel 23 and bay bistro, loved the flavours, presentation and friendlyness!

did you know that conch is the main export product in turks and caicos?

in our way out we bought some coconuts from these friendly kids!

it truly is one of the events of the year in provo, not to be missed!

da conch shack

we always love going to da conch shack, its the perfect spot to take our guests for a meal and it truly gives you a caribbean feeling, right on the beach with the perfect view.

plus, the food is amazing, you can eat everything conch; stew, curry, fritters, cracked and salad. i love the cracked conch for starter and the blackened snapper, locally caught snapper with a delicious spicy seasoning – and the fried plantains…so yummy!

go here for other restaurant suggestions in provo.

pictures 2 and 4 by chris ramirez via nytimes