i heart conch

before coming here, i had never heard of conch – now i see these large sea snails every day. conch is in our flag, in our license plates, but mostly in our plates: conch curry, conch ceviche, cracked conch, conch fritters, conch stew, conch creole, you name it! remember the annual conch festival i told you about?

the first time i saw how they really looked, i didn’t think i would go for it. then i was recommended to start with the cracked conch, and the whole eating conch experience became much, much easier – cracked conch is easy to like and reminded me of fried calamari. slowly i started trying out other types of conch and getting the hang of it, now i go for all things conch!

do you see the conch trying to get out of the shell? little did these creatures know they were about to become conch ceviches!

ps –  my favourites spots for conch are the conch shack in provo and frank’s cafe in north caicos.

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