cheers from the islands

have you any plans for this weekend? i’m going to the ladies hat luncheon at the regent palms, a fund raiser to help the holy family academy mission school in provo. i can’t wait to see all the ladies in super hats!!

also, on island –

on sunday the 6th annual windvibes kiteboarding tournament and beach party on long bay beach

and a delicious thanksgiving menus suggestion if you don’t have any plans yet – i can’t believe thanksgiving is just around the corner

next week, the 9th annual turks and caicos conch festival by blue hills – remember last year?

happy weekend from turks and caicos!

i heart conch

before coming here, i had never heard of conch – now i see these large sea snails every day. conch is in our flag, in our license plates, but mostly in our plates: conch curry, conch ceviche, cracked conch, conch fritters, conch stew, conch creole, you name it! remember the annual conch festival i told you about?

the first time i saw how they really looked, i didn’t think i would go for it. then i was recommended to start with the cracked conch, and the whole eating conch experience became much, much easier – cracked conch is easy to like and reminded me of fried calamari. slowly i started trying out other types of conch and getting the hang of it, now i go for all things conch!

do you see the conch trying to get out of the shell? little did these creatures know they were about to become conch ceviches!

ps –  my favourites spots for conch are the conch shack in provo and frank’s cafe in north caicos.

conch festival

last weekend he headed to the conch festival, since it is our first year in provo, we were excited to see what it was about!

we went straight to the conch tasting competition, sampling dishes prepared by the 25 local participating restaurants – our favourite? parallel 23 and bay bistro, loved the flavours, presentation and friendlyness!

did you know that conch is the main export product in turks and caicos?

in our way out we bought some coconuts from these friendly kids!

it truly is one of the events of the year in provo, not to be missed!

happy weekend & a few things in provo

i am so excited i have goosebumps…my aunt, cousin and friend are coming tomorrow –  i can’t believe i’m actually having a little bit of portugal in turks and caicos. james is happy to have 4 gals at home for a week, he will be pampered!

i took this picture a few weeks ago in emerald point

but before an exciting week, a few thing in provo –

tonight @ 10pm pre conch festival party, at the wine bar

tomorrow @10am the tci red cross farmer’s market, in leeward highway, across from lime

tomorrow @ 12pm the conch festival, in blue hills

sunday 27 @3pm f lounge party, in turtle cove

happy weekend & tomatillos

have you ever used these gorgeous tomatillos? i am always on the look out for new fruits and veggies – after all they say variety is the secret to a healthy diet – and found these last week. they look like fruity tomatoes!

are you going tonight to the pre conch festival party at vino tiempo?

only one more week to go for my “three musketeers” to arrive – so i better get organized!

oh, and do check out myseastory’s new facebook page and HAVE A WONDERFUL WEEKEND!