guest post ~ natasha & adriano

natasha and adriano live in new york and they came over to turks and caicos for a long weekend. it was great having them, showing them around and going out for drinks and dinner!

what do you think makes turks and caicos (providenciales) so special?

By far the best beach with a perfect white sand and crystal clear, turquoise sea. I know this answer is a cliche but it truly is a definition of this beautiful island.

what were your favorite things to do whilst on island?

While staying in Provo i just wanted to relax and enjoy by the beach. A boat trip for conch fishing  and a visit to Iguana island is a fun thing to do, as well is a lunch at the Conch Shack. Also a visit to Amanyara for a sunset was one of my favorites.

would you recommend to a friend?

Definitely YESSS!

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