myseastoryhey friends!  i am so happy to be finally sharing the news – our baby julia was born a couple of weeks ago. it’s been tough, let’s be honest, but we don’t get tired of staring at her and we are filled with a new love that keeps growing every day. james and i are over the moon with her!

ps – this is our new favorite song – julia by the beatles, and she loves it!

happy new year + 1 month to go

myseastoryhappy new year friends – i know this hasn’t been a very good blogging one… 2013 has given us a lot of happiness, challenges and fun adventures. we can’t wait for the year to come, sharing our life in provo with our baby girl and hopefully having lots of family and friends visiting us too!

myseastoryhere’s a little update of my bump from our last days in provo. i have only one month to go – still can’t believe how fast my pregnancy has gone! i am so excited to share these last weeks with my family and portuguese friends, and hope james makes it on time for the delivery in the end of january :)

thank you, ileana, for the pics!

his dive story…

Every now and then, we get lucky in our dives in West Caicos and the channel and catch a glimpse or more of a majestic spotted eagle ray or rays.

These are really beautiful looking creatures and very graceful in the water.

The spots on their back set them apart from other rays and mantas.

They actually compete with us eating mollusks and crustaceans which they crush with their teeth. Anyone for lobster? Hahaha!

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