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Hey everyone. I took a hiatus but that doesn’t mean that I have not been diving. In fact, I have been diving every week. I have tons to share with you.

This past weekend, I went both days on the Caicos Cat as my usual dive shop was closed for the low season. We had never stayed on island in September before as we usually travel but we decided to stay this year. The weather was hot and humid but the sea very flat and clear. Both days we traveled to the French Cays which normally is not my fav site but this time, I must say I am now a new convert!

The sites we went to were amazing and so full of life. We saw eagle rays, turtles, sharks, barracudas and dolphins. The reef wall drop off is deep and a bit dark in some areas. Spooky! The corals were all in fairly good shape. BTW, this time of the year, the dive boats are not overly crowded in fact, Saturday we only had 7 divers on board! Yeah man! It was great for me not for the operator though…. Please enjoy the videos.

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Well, it’s been weeks since Sandy came and left with very little damage but she left behind weeks of poor sea conditions with very strong surges that washed away many of our beaches. Of course, this meant that there was no diving as the boats did not go out to sea. Now that things have calmed down a bit, I decided to go diving and I must admit, I was dying to splash into the warm sea.

The boat left from the southside this week so that meant that we would either go to French Cay, West Caicos or the Channel which is between Northwest Point and West Caicos, one of my favorite dives when conditions are ideal. And as it turned out, it was ideal as we stayed for two dives before the tide dropped. The reason I mentioned the tide is because, the Channel rests on a slippery slope and when the tide is high, the diving is heaven and when it is starting to drop, the current pushing you down into the reef wall is unbearable and all the sand would kick up.

At the channel, there are always sharks, many sharks and the occasional couple of spotted eagle rays. I love eagle rays and saw two in the second dive which I believe normally roam this area because I have another video of the eagle rays from last November. Enjoy the majestic eagle ray!

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his dive story…

Every now and then, we get lucky in our dives in West Caicos and the channel and catch a glimpse or more of a majestic spotted eagle ray or rays.

These are really beautiful looking creatures and very graceful in the water.

The spots on their back set them apart from other rays and mantas.

They actually compete with us eating mollusks and crustaceans which they crush with their teeth. Anyone for lobster? Hahaha!

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his dive story…

Well, I made a big exception and took off Monday to go diving with Joana’s cousin, Marta, who had just arrived from Lisbon.

The sea was much calmer today and our first dive was at the Channel between Northwest Point of Provo and West Caicos Island. Man, it was by far the best dive I’ve had so far in TCI.  There are lots of nutrients coming through the channel and the sea life there was incredible! Immediately after we splashed, we saw giant stingrays, sharks, and then this giant and graceful eagle ray gliding by…. hell, this reef is definitely on my top list to dive again and maybe I should be diving more on Mondays instead of Sundays!