lisboa for a week

i’ve had a super busy week, catching up with friends, visiting newborn babies and spending time at home. i am loving every single minute and almost feel as i never left. i couldn’t believe it’s been 10 months since i moved…didn’t think i would survive so long with out my family, my friends and my city, lisboa.

today we started our christmas celebrations, we had a huge family lunch, it was about a hundred of us, my grandfather’s brothers and sisters and every son and daughter, children and grandchildren! we started at noon with mass and finished lunch at 5 in the afternoon; trying a dessert from each family group. there are about 10 different chocolate mousses and we always compete as to which one is most successful (my grandma’s, of course, it has crushed hazelnut…so yumm!).

james is arriving tomorrow, my partner in crime – i can’t wait to go to all our favourite spots this week!

oh, and i have a super cool (and so different) haircut that i can’t wait to share…!

we took this pictures last week in cambridge with a fab group of gals!

oh, and i do miss this weather a little…

his dive story…

Well, I made a big exception and took off Monday to go diving with Joana’s cousin, Marta, who had just arrived from Lisbon.

The sea was much calmer today and our first dive was at the Channel between Northwest Point of Provo and West Caicos Island. Man, it was by far the best dive I’ve had so far in TCI.  There are lots of nutrients coming through the channel and the sea life there was incredible! Immediately after we splashed, we saw giant stingrays, sharks, and then this giant and graceful eagle ray gliding by…. hell, this reef is definitely on my top list to dive again and maybe I should be diving more on Mondays instead of Sundays!


avocado yumminess

last night james made SINH TO BO, a delicious vietnamese smoothie made with avocados. i tried it for the first time last year in vietnam and i tell you, this thing is addictive!

in a blender, add half an avocado, up to 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, a cup of milk and 2 ice cubes – very unexpected and so refreshing!

images from whole family fare, a vegetarian food blog worth the visit.

his dive story…

This is one my fav dive sites at West Caicos.  The Gully it is called.   the water is amazingly warm at 27c and you have to pinch yourself to make sure that the clarity of the water is REAL!   My first dive in Turks & Caicos was here back in January 2011. It is on an amazing white sandy bed slowly sloping down into the Wall otherwise known as the reef drop off which goes into the deep sea….  this shark had been circling around us and when he got onto the white sandy part, i knew i had to film it.


his dive story…

YO it’s me James! I am happy to finally contribute to my fav person’s blog, sharing my underwater pictures and telling you a bit about what I see in my diving excursions. One of the reasons why I moved to provo, is that I can go diving at least once a week, the temperature of the water is always warm and the sea life is without compare.

Hope you enjoy them and maybe I can make you want to splash one day!

See you next week!

ps – go checkout all my diving pictures and videos HERE