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Well, the weather hasn’t been too cooperative lately and we’ve had high winds coming eastward which usually means the entire Providenciales island is washed out and this means there isn’t a good place to go diving except maybe French Cays which has not been a favorite spot for me.

This Sunday was the first really nice day that we had for almost two weeks and I was so excited to book my diving. The boat was still in the south side and we were headed for Northwest Point.   On board were the usual suspects… Dave, our captain, Nikki, dive instructor, Don, who runs the TCI Reef Fund and Sarah, a former dive instructor and my recent dive buddy.

On this day, Don would be working on refitting the moorings at two dive sites at Northwest Point. The first site was Two Steps, which I love.   The second site was Shark Hotel, which for whatever reason was my first time diving it and I really enjoyed it for its deep swim thru which would take you down to at least 40m. It is called Shark Hotel because at bottom of the swim thru there is a sandy ledge that the nurse sharks usually hang out and sleep there. But today, I only saw reef sharks. You will see on the video what I saw. It was really cool to see a turtle swimming next to a giant Nassau grouper and then followed by a shark then by me!  Sarah was behind and probably took a picture of all of us!

shark-hotel by myseastory

The other video was towards the end of the dive where I saw a decent size school of fish which I know Joana would like. Enjoy the videos and next time, I will be using my new INON strobe with ULCS arms, red filter and a new INON macro lens! Can’t wait to splash with them.

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his dive story…

Sometimes i wonder if the sharks recognized individual divers but this is wishful thinking!  I am sure i know this one as i have made this particular dive plenty of times….. will it take a swipe at me??? or just try to sniff me out!  Well, the camera didn’t shake much so I guess i am feeling pretty confident of myself….


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his dive story…

This is one my fav dive sites at West Caicos.  The Gully it is called.   the water is amazingly warm at 27c and you have to pinch yourself to make sure that the clarity of the water is REAL!   My first dive in Turks & Caicos was here back in January 2011. It is on an amazing white sandy bed slowly sloping down into the Wall otherwise known as the reef drop off which goes into the deep sea….  this shark had been circling around us and when he got onto the white sandy part, i knew i had to film it.