take away in provo

are you a take away fan?

last week we had indian from garam masala, thai from thai orchid and jerk chicken from chinson’s – sadly i’m not a big fan of any pizza or sushi place in the island, my all time take away favourites…

james, who is a real take away specialist, loves the hamburger from fresh, the cracked conch from the market place and the fried chicken from sweet t’s.

my favourite lunch take away in provo since day one, are the salads from green bean.

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4 thoughts on “take away in provo

  1. at Sweet T’s, i usually get the “5 dollar chicken” which is a combination of southern deep fried wings and french fries (probably Ore Ida) in a white styrofoam container and with loads of tobasco sauce and ketchup on it. it really hits the spot for me when I need to have a greasy lunch! there is always a line for lunch there.

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