flavour my salt

my friends from caribbean imports are now importing spanish products to turks and caicos. they have brightened my days – i can now find the best spanish cheeses and pata negra ham in the local supermarket (IGA)!

i have just gotten myself another of their products, some flavoured sea salt. the luxury edition has five little boxes – perfect to go with salads and bbq dinners (in provo, they sell it at lemon 2go coffee). i can’t get enough of the black olives one!

mushroom soup

the weather has been good in provo, not too hot, sleeping under the blanket and drinking hot tea at night feels good for a change – and i still get to go out for dinner in short sleeves.

it has also inspired me to cook some hot meals and this mushroom soup is one of my last achievements.

i had been looking for a non-cream mushroom soup, otherwise i would kind of feel like cheating – everything tastes good if you add cream to it! you can find the recipe here, the only suggestion i give is using vegetable stock and making yours at home.

image source here

homemade vegetable stock

during the past year i started “picking” on stock, every time i saw a recipe that involved chicken or vegetable stock in it, i would go arghhh and wouldn’t even consider it. sometimes it was a little frustrating, but i didn’t like the idea os buying something pre-made that i just can’t trust what is made of.

so last week i started looking for a vegetable stock recipe and give it a try…

it is sooooo easy – gather some vegetables and herbs in a pan, fill with water and simmer, then cook for an hour (you can find the instructions here). it is a great way to give use to unwanted veggie stems and stalks too.

the taste is way better and much healthier, you won’t go back to buying ready made stock again, i guarantee!

images and instructions here

avocado yumminess

last night james made SINH TO BO, a delicious vietnamese smoothie made with avocados. i tried it for the first time last year in vietnam and i tell you, this thing is addictive!

in a blender, add half an avocado, up to 2 tablespoons of condensed milk, a cup of milk and 2 ice cubes – very unexpected and so refreshing!

images from whole family fare, a vegetarian food blog worth the visit.

the sweetest thing

i got inspired by oh joy’s post and made a little twist on her recipe suggestion – i used raspberries, biscuits and vanilla ice cream, instead of figs, hazelnut meringue and cream. it looks delicious in a glass, glass bowl or mason jar

in layers i add crumbled digestive biscuits (i like using shortbread too) + vanilla ice cream + dulce de leche (i brought mine from chile, but you can easily find bonne maman) + raspberries = the sweetest thing!

picture by Nikole via Oh Joy!