flavour my salt

my friends from caribbean imports are now importing spanish products to turks and caicos. they have brightened my days – i can now find the best spanish cheeses and pata negra ham in the local supermarket (IGA)!

i have just gotten myself another of their products, some flavoured sea salt. the luxury edition has five little boxes – perfect to go with salads and bbq dinners (in provo, they sell it at lemon 2go coffee). i can’t get enough of the black olives one!

sorry, no alcohol

yes, you read it right. i have yet to find the reason why here in provo stores do not sell alcohol on sundays.

it is what it is, so just make sure you are not counting on it and stock up your wine rack beforehand!

oh so delicious

first i had to stop drinking cow milk, apparently it’s no longer healthy, so i forced myself to enjoy soy milk. then i hear soy milk isn’t healthy either as it is very processed, so i go for almond and rice milk – i was getting a little confused i confess.

then i find these coconut based products at iga gourmet and thought humm…coconut sounds much nicer than cow, soy, rice or almond – i decided to give it a try. my favourite is the coconut based plain yogurt, but i can’t wait to try the ice creams!

oh so yummy, i am addicted to these.