snorkeling dream day

last year, when my family was over to visit, we went on a half day tour with caicos dreams – whenever we have visitors we always recommend doing this, and of course we always want to join!

we left turtle cove marina, picking up other guests from hotels at grace bay beach and headed to a perfect snorkeling spot – it was so peaceful, we just didn’t want to get out of the water!

how funny do we look on underwater pictures!

we then went for some serious conch picking and iguana watching – promise to keep u posted very soon.

happy holidays weekend

happy holidays everyone! how will you be spending your christmas? i can’t believe it’s this time of the year again. for the first time i feel relaxed, as i have already wrapped most of the gifts…and i’m ready to enjoy family quality time!

our christmas marathon starts tonight – mass and family dinner, traditionally we eat codfish and i love it! tomorrow we’ll have pancakes for breakfast and gift exchange at home, followed by a brunch with the entire extended family at my grandmother’s, including my 20 cousins (i’m number 1!).

hope you have a great weekend and see you next week!

ps – i took this picture today, in lisbon we always have sunny weather for christmas.

lisboa for a week

i’ve had a super busy week, catching up with friends, visiting newborn babies and spending time at home. i am loving every single minute and almost feel as i never left. i couldn’t believe it’s been 10 months since i moved…didn’t think i would survive so long with out my family, my friends and my city, lisboa.

today we started our christmas celebrations, we had a huge family lunch, it was about a hundred of us, my grandfather’s brothers and sisters and every son and daughter, children and grandchildren! we started at noon with mass and finished lunch at 5 in the afternoon; trying a dessert from each family group. there are about 10 different chocolate mousses and we always compete as to which one is most successful (my grandma’s, of course, it has crushed hazelnut…so yumm!).

james is arriving tomorrow, my partner in crime – i can’t wait to go to all our favourite spots this week!

oh, and i have a super cool (and so different) haircut that i can’t wait to share…!

we took this pictures last week in cambridge with a fab group of gals!

oh, and i do miss this weather a little…

have a scary weekend

oh my, this was a great week, we started off with a holiday on monday, yesterday i had a great day out in north and middle caicos (more on this soon), i’m starting to get the hang of yoga, and i got great news that my crazy aunt and cool cousin are coming to visit!

have an awesome weekend, and remember to check out on monday for another killer blogshop mondays post!

we took this picture last week at the gansevoort

are you heading to a scary halloween party this weekend?

tonight at lemon cafe from 10.00pm onwords, check the facebook event here

tomorrow at the wine bar, see their facebook page here for more info

monday, bring your kids to tiki hut’s halloween boo bash at 6.00pm

ahh – don’t forget the fort george beach party this sunday and the culinary extravaganza on Friday 4th and Saturday 5th November, just a week away.