back on island

Miami | myseastoryhey friends, we just came back from a short weekend in miami. we got our fix of shopping, people watching and a few nice food spots too, and only an hour away from provo. will be sharing pics later on this week.

in the mean time, we are getting ready for christmas. spending christmas away from home and without our family will be, let’s say, a whole new experience. but the fact that we don’t have to face the cold, the traffic and all the shopping stress, i confess, is kind of nice.

how about you, is it important to spend the holiday season with your family, or are you used to being away?

hope you all have a fabulous week before christmas, hopefully with a little bit of sun too!

happy holidays weekend

happy holidays everyone! how will you be spending your christmas? i can’t believe it’s this time of the year again. for the first time i feel relaxed, as i have already wrapped most of the gifts…and i’m ready to enjoy family quality time!

our christmas marathon starts tonight – mass and family dinner, traditionally we eat codfish and i love it! tomorrow we’ll have pancakes for breakfast and gift exchange at home, followed by a brunch with the entire extended family at my grandmother’s, including my 20 cousins (i’m number 1!).

hope you have a great weekend and see you next week!

ps – i took this picture today, in lisbon we always have sunny weather for christmas.