julia 43 / 52


picking her up from school, she’s always happy to arrive and never happy to leave (which is both cute and annoying) definitely two of the highlights of my day ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter at age 2

5 thoughts on “julia 43 / 52

  1. I’m brazilIan although I lived in Provo since I was born ’til my 11 yrs & I moved to brasil, but I have plans of returning to my isle someday. If I do make university in brasil can I work legally as doctor in Provo? PS: first time commenting but love yuh blog.
    Hope yuh r fine,
    Yuh Brazilian buddy

  2. Eu sou brasileira e quero me mudar para Provo. Quais as recomendações? Posso trabalhar aí legalmente como médica?

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