back on island

Miami | myseastoryhey friends, we just came back from a short weekend in miami. we got our fix of shopping, people watching and a few nice food spots too, and only an hour away from provo. will be sharing pics later on this week.

in the mean time, we are getting ready for christmas. spending christmas away from home and without our family will be, let’s say, a whole new experience. but the fact that we don’t have to face the cold, the traffic and all the shopping stress, i confess, is kind of nice.

how about you, is it important to spend the holiday season with your family, or are you used to being away?

hope you all have a fabulous week before christmas, hopefully with a little bit of sun too!

lisboa for a week

i’ve had a super busy week, catching up with friends, visiting newborn babies and spending time at home. i am loving every single minute and almost feel as i never left. i couldn’t believe it’s been 10 months since i moved…didn’t think i would survive so long with out my family, my friends and my city, lisboa.

today we started our christmas celebrations, we had a huge family lunch, it was about a hundred of us, my grandfather’s brothers and sisters and every son and daughter, children and grandchildren! we started at noon with mass and finished lunch at 5 in the afternoon; trying a dessert from each family group. there are about 10 different chocolate mousses and we always compete as to which one is most successful (my grandma’s, of course, it has crushed hazelnut…so yumm!).

james is arriving tomorrow, my partner in crime – i can’t wait to go to all our favourite spots this week!

oh, and i have a super cool (and so different) haircut that i can’t wait to share…!

we took this pictures last week in cambridge with a fab group of gals!

oh, and i do miss this weather a little…

hello echo

i’m in new york for a couple of days before flying back to europe… i can’t wait to see all the christmas decorations, do a little shopping and catch up with family and friends. it’s weird to switch from shorts, flip flops and bikini to boots, sweater and scarf – but  a month without mosquitoes sounds pretty good!

i took this picture in madison square park last time i was in new york, the serene looking statue by spanish artist jaume plensa. it’s kind of magical, you can’t stop but be attracted to it – and it looks like it’s not really there. hve you seen it?

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