my turks and caicos guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-mini-guideas we approach the date to my cousin’s visit, i started drafting yet another email with tips and suggestions on what to do in turks and caicos. every time we have someone visiting i like to put my personal suggestions together hoping that they have the time of their life and don’t miss out on anything. i love doing this and try to give detailed input as if it was for me.

so i thought why not have a permanent short guide for anyone planning to visit? i will keep this info with easy access and update regularly as new places and spots come up (or my opinion changes) – Continue reading

on instagram lately / 04


january was a full on month, lot’s of traveling, winter wear and julia being spoilt back home, hence the change in color palette on my instagram. it feels good to be back to our routine – naps, meals, baby groups and sun.

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our winter vacation in portugal


earlier this month, i travelled to lisbon with julia, for 3 weeks, to spend some time with our family for new year’s eve, since we had to spend christmas in turks and caicos. last year i was in lisbon for a couple of months in the new year, it wasn’t easy, i was about to give birth, i felt huge and uncomfortable and the weather was terrible. add a little of baby blues to that, and let’s say it wasn’t my best vacation.
luckily, this time around, it was so different.

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10 tips for flying with a baby

tips-on-flying-with-a-baby-by-myseastoryas we approach our next flight from portugal to turks and caicos, i’ve been thinking on what can make our “experience” smoother…anything to help me ease the pain!  1 or 2 hour flights don’t worry me too much, but flying alone with julia to miami and catching another flight to providenciales… is not something i look forward to!

julia’s first flight was at 6 weeks old, from lisbon to miami, i was tense the whole flight, but compared to nowadays, it was easy peasy. she’s been on 18 flights and these are the things i’ve learned along the way – Continue reading

mid week break in south beach

myseastory in miami 1my mum was over visiting for a couple of weeks, and since she had to overnight in miami on the way to turks and caicos, julia and i flew over for a mid week break of a little bit of shopping, people watching and lots of city walking.

every time james and i go to miami, we rent a car and end up driving back and forth between target, whole foods, aventura mall and also the design district for out favorite restaurants. this time, we decided to stay in south beach, and although the south beach vibe is not exactly our thing, we were determined to enjoy it fully. Continue reading