on instagram lately / 19

aug16-instaand that’s a wrap! we just got back from 2 amazing months spent in my hometown, lisbon – it was a quiet summer with a lot of family time, plenty of pool time and beach days galore (and ice cream dates, of course). we still made it to zurich for a long weekend in the city, and a week spent at the coolest beach house, just south of lisbon.

now we’re back in berkeley, settling down, adjusting (to the weather!!) and tunning in, to a new routine. follow me here for more daily posts :)

on instagram lately / 04


january was a full on month, lot’s of traveling, winter wear and julia being spoilt back home, hence the change in color palette on my instagram. it feels good to be back to our routine – naps, meals, baby groups and sun.

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our winter vacation in portugal


earlier this month, i travelled to lisbon with julia, for 3 weeks, to spend some time with our family for new year’s eve, since we had to spend christmas in turks and caicos. last year i was in lisbon for a couple of months in the new year, it wasn’t easy, i was about to give birth, i felt huge and uncomfortable and the weather was terrible. add a little of baby blues to that, and let’s say it wasn’t my best vacation.
luckily, this time around, it was so different.

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myseastoryhey friends!  i am so happy to be finally sharing the news – our baby julia was born a couple of weeks ago. it’s been tough, let’s be honest, but we don’t get tired of staring at her and we are filled with a new love that keeps growing every day. james and i are over the moon with her!

ps – this is our new favorite song – julia by the beatles, and she loves it!