cycling in ponte de lima

i have recently become addicted to spinning here in provo, so when i was away in the north of portugal, i made sure i went for a few cycling tours.

some say ponte de lima has one of the best cycling routes of portugal – i went a few last times before the wedding, it was perfect to relax. and since we had a few friends who stayed over for the weekend, we also went on the day after the wedding!

we rent the bicycles at the nautical club of ponte de lima and we cycle through the path alongside the lima river towards ponte da barca. the scenery is beautiful, green everywhere, you really feel in contact with nature. it’s a pretty big contrast with the one i’m used to in turks and caicos, maybe that’s why i appreciate it so much.

i like passing through little water falls and seeing people’s orchards and vineyards along the way. had it been warmer we would’ve stopped for a dip!

can you notice that one of my friends was 7 month pregnant? very brave of her for sure!

first picture by me, other’s by anh-tuan’s instagram, thanks anh-tuan!

our day

we’re back, and i can’t believe how fast it was all – one month of fast track preparations; arrival of guests from chile, brazil, california and abu dhabi; the wedding weekend flew; and our honeymoon in italy is already over. it really was the happiest day of my life!

i had never dreamt of getting married, or better, i had never dreamt of my wedding day. bridal magazines never inspired me.  and somehow everything turned out as i have always wanted. i would love to share this picture of our day with you, and can’t wait to share a few more in the weeks to come.

i am now enjoying a couple of weeks back in lisbon, before i head back home to my paradise island in turks and caicos.

image by andre from branco prata

hello there

i’ve been super busy getting ready for our wedding… in less than three weeks, time is flying! i am spending a couple of weeks in the north of portugal, ticking the boxes on my to do list, but also enjoying this time of the year here.

we’re staying at our family house, in a small village called bertiandos, close to ponte de lima, in the north of portugal, it’s the eldest portuguese town. i have spent my vacations in this house since i was a baby, so getting married here means the world to me.

actually, one of the canoeists who won a silver medal at the olympics is from ponte de lima, and i met him the other day at the local nautical club. we are so proud.

and it feels so nice to be in the country side! hope you have a lovely week!