our day

we’re back, and i can’t believe how fast it was all – one month of fast track preparations; arrival of guests from chile, brazil, california and abu dhabi; the wedding weekend flew; and our honeymoon in italy is already over. it really was the happiest day of my life!

i had never dreamt of getting married, or better, i had never dreamt of my wedding day. bridal magazines never inspired me.  and somehow everything turned out as i have always wanted. i would love to share this picture of our day with you, and can’t wait to share a few more in the weeks to come.

i am now enjoying a couple of weeks back in lisbon, before i head back home to my paradise island in turks and caicos.

image by andre from branco prata

15 thoughts on “our day

  1. Amazing picture! Love it! Enjoy your time in Lisbon and I cant wait to see more and read more on your blog. Every time I read your blogs you inspire me to start one of my own….maybe one day… ;-) Love to the both of you, Karin x

  2. Joaninha voa voa…. muitos parabéns aproveitem estes dias em Lisboa, segunda feira ja estou a viver em Madrid. Mil bjs.

  3. Muitos, muitos parabens! Que foto tao bonita!

    Identifico-me muito com o que escreveste. Eu tambem nunca sonhei com o meu casamento, vestido de noiva, festa… e, contudo, o dia do meu casamento foi muito provavelmente o dia mais feliz da minha vida. Alias, se pudesse casava-me todos os anos! (com a mesma pessoa, claro ;)

    Beijos grandes xxx

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