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This past Sunday’s dive was by far one of the better dives I’ve had so far. I can finally check off my list the hammerhead. It was at Northwest Point and I was coming up from 42m to the reef wall at 30m when from a distance, I saw a shape of a shark that I figured was just another reef shark so I was preparing to ignore it… :)   then I noticed that it had a strange head, that of a hammerhead!! Quick, my mind was flashing..take a pic or video it…at the very last second, I decided to video it and it was a good thing as the typically skittish hammerhead swam by really fast and I caught it!!!  Yeahhhh man!   Finally!

The other shark I saw was a nurse at a dive site called Two Steps. I had seen this one before at the same location but this time, it had sadly a fishing hook line and weight on its mouth… it was dangling it around and making clanking noises when it brushed against hard corals…I hope the hook falls off soon. When I first saw it, it was next to a huge lobster that appeared to be guarding it!  How funny…  Enjoy – James

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his dive story…

The barracuda is a mean looking fish, always glaring at divers!

There is one that they call Elvis at a dive site off Grace Bay called Grace Land. He always swims up to the boat at the end of each dive for some reason. You know he is around when all of a sudden all the yellow snappers just disappear!

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ps – did you see the hawksbill turtle and lion fish on last week’s post?


his dive story…

Cheers myseastory readers!

Hawksbill turtle sightings are frequent in my dives in the TCI and it always amazes me to watch them or swim next to them.

Tourist divers go crazy for these turtles and it’s always a big topic of discussion on the boat after a dive.

Lately, I have been noticing a lot less lion fish at 20 meters depth and have seen more down past 30 meters. I guess these guys are wise to what is happening to them as they are being hunted down with no restraint in the islands.

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his dive story

One of my fav things to do when we are approaching the boat after  our dive is to look for these small creatures of the sea. You almost have to place yourself next to a big coral and observe with patience as it will take a bit of time to adjust your eyes to start seeing these little ones.

It’s really amazing what you see and how there is so much life just in a small section of a coral!

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