after the storm

this week felt totally different from a typical island life one. we had tropical storm sandy coming, but so happy that it’s gone and there weren’t any damages. the sun is out and shining, but the sea is still a bit rough. just hoping everyone is safe up north.

we have a friends visiting over from paris, so we’ll spend the rest of the weekend eating out and showing them around. last night we hosted an outside dinner party, which couldn’t have been more fun. we love having company and it gives us the chance of enjoying the island from a different angle!

ps – did you hear caicos cafe reopened last week? can’t wait to go back for that lobster linguini i’ve been dreaming of…

picture by my friend – thanks monica!

happy weekend

my mum and sister have left, and the house feels somewhat empty, but the time they spend here was amazing. i have to confess i was a little scared that they would get bored and two weeks could be too long for provo. we ended having things to do every day and still a few that we didn’t manage to fit in.

remember this post? we went to more than 10 different beaches – blue hills, blue mountain, smith’s reef, the bight, coral gardens, grace bay, pelican, emerald point, long bay, turtle tail, sapodilla, and parrot cay!

i have some serious-relaxing-at-the-beach planned for this weekend – and tonight i am going to see men are from turks, women are from caicos, if you’re in provo, be sure not to miss it.

happy weekend

i hope you have a lovely weekend friends! i took this picture at grace bay beach when we had friends over last week.

the weather in provo is getting better and better to relax at the beach, so that’s what we’ve planned. we’re also catching up with a few movies to watch before the oscar’s next week. have you seen most of them?

have a relaxing weekend

happy friday friends!

this was a good week – wrapped up some projects, had a nice dinner out and didn’t miss my yoga, but i am glad the weekend is here. have a good one!

ps – did you see my post over at salvaged grace, i met erin during blogshop, last september in new york and she was kind enough to invite me over to guest post on her blog – thanks erin!

happy weekend

happy weekend friends!

we are starting off the weekend with a party at club pillows tonight – wouldn’t this be the perfect secret code when you want to leave a party and you really are going home? tomorrow i hope i make it to yoga in the morning – and sea, sun and sand for the rest of the weekend. hope you have a good one and can enjoy some sun shining too!