have a relaxing weekend

happy friday friends!

this was a good week – wrapped up some projects, had a nice dinner out and didn’t miss my yoga, but i am glad the weekend is here. have a good one!

ps – did you see my post over at salvaged grace, i met erin during blogshop, last september in new york and she was kind enough to invite me over to guest post on her blog – thanks erin!

mellow yellow

this image caught my attention…

i don’t know about you, but i always wear bikini to the beach – i feel more comfortable and it kind of tells me hello, keep your tummy in! and don’t you dare eat more ice cream! but there is something so elegant about one piece bathing suit. i am know officially in the search for the one!

found via pinterest, author unknown

turks and caicos beaches // emerald point

when we first arrived to provo, james and i explored every possible beach spot, grace bay beach, the bight, coral gardens, leeward beach, malcolm beach, sapodilla bay, taylor bay, long bay, and so on. but then we settled down and found our own routine chosing the bight as a favourite to go.

but a couple of weeks ago our friends suggested going to emerald point, so we got out of the box and joined them and the dogs. it was an awesome day, and i tell you there is no bad beach in provo! you just can’t get it wrong.

and it was fun having jack and luna jumping and running in and out of the water – it made me dogsick (as in homesick…in case you didn’t get that one).

turks and caicos beaches // the bight

the weather was not that great last weekend, but there is something relaxing about being at the beach and getting in the water, it kind of clears your head.

so we headed to our favourite beach spot, its close to home, easy access and never busy. i specially like going on sundays, when the locals go and the kids play non stop.