last day before holidays

i have one day to go, and all of a sudden feel an urge to be at the beach and pool… i know i won’t have my sea + sun + sand for the next couple of weeks.

i am taking the day for myself, starting with a power walk by the beach close to home, followed by mani and pedi and then lunch at my friend’s place. in the afternoon i plan to relax by the pool.

and packing? at night! i know, i know…i have enough time to pack and plan properly – somehow i seem to be more “inspired for packing” last minute and on the night before.

loving this picture found here

i lost my jewellery

have you ever lost your jewellery at the beach?

during my first days in provo i spent a lot of time at grace bay beach, and remember seeing a man with a metal detector passing by all the time.

i have now found his website, he looks for lost jewellery and tries to return it to the owners by posting it on his website! How nice is that!

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