happy weekend

my mum and sister have left, and the house feels somewhat empty, but the time they spend here was amazing. i have to confess i was a little scared that they would get bored and two weeks could be too long for provo. we ended having things to do every day and still a few that we didn’t manage to fit in.

remember this post? we went to more than 10 different beaches – blue hills, blue mountain, smith’s reef, the bight, coral gardens, grace bay, pelican, emerald point, long bay, turtle tail, sapodilla, and parrot cay!

i have some serious-relaxing-at-the-beach planned for this weekend – and tonight i am going to see men are from turks, women are from caicos, if you’re in provo, be sure not to miss it.

2 thoughts on “happy weekend

  1. Sounds amazing. I’m so jealous – I’d love to relax on the beach! Also – this is the first time in a LONG time that I’ve been able to comment on your blog – what’s going on with our accounts?!

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