after the storm

this week felt totally different from a typical island life one. we had tropical storm sandy coming, but so happy that it’s gone and there weren’t any damages. the sun is out and shining, but the sea is still a bit rough. just hoping everyone is safe up north.

we have a friends visiting over from paris, so we’ll spend the rest of the weekend eating out and showing them around. last night we hosted an outside dinner party, which couldn’t have been more fun. we love having company and it gives us the chance of enjoying the island from a different angle!

ps – did you hear caicos cafe reopened last week? can’t wait to go back for that lobster linguini i’ve been dreaming of…

picture by my friend – thanks monica!

one more week

oh my, this was a busy weekend. we had a really nice dinner with friends – HERE – we all love this place and agreed we wouldn’t survive on island without it! it was funny because we realized half of us on our table were portuguese :) it is nice to feel a little closer to home.

then, on saturday, i went to lemon’s summer party, and i tell you, they really know how to through a party, everyone was there and it was lot’s of fun. if you’re on island visiting, make sure you check out lemon’s facebook page for any parties.

i’m now on my final countdown for my vacation, i leave in a week, so i’m working hard on the exercising and tanning – and online shopping too!

i hope you have a great week ahead!

photo found here

lobster season

lobster season is over, as of tonight, so no more lobster on restaurant menus, or being cooked anywhere on island. we’re not even allowed to import lobster from somewhere else to make sure the only lobster around here are all under water!

this is a great initiative from the decr, in order to allow lobster enough time to reproduce.

and because i know it’ll be a while until lobster season starts again (august or september), i’ve been getting my lobster fix during the last couple of weeks – lobster linguini from caicos cafe (how will i survive without it for so long…), lobster sandwich from fresh bakery, lobster pot pie from anacaona, and lots of lobster grilling’ at home from provo seafood.

caicos cafe

last night we went over to caicos cafe for dinner, it’s my number one restaurant in provo – i love having a glass of chianti and dinning on their outside seating area, their friendly staff and knowing that i will have a great meal every time i go.

we shared the sea scallops with almond herb and pancetta crust for starter, trust me, this is a must – and the lobster with linguini is a favourite too (sorry, no picture). we don’t usually have dessert but tried the almond mille feuille, light and just perfect!

i can’t wait to go back!

images from caicos cafe