my turks and caicos guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-mini-guideas we approach the date to my cousin’s visit, i started drafting yet another email with tips and suggestions on what to do in turks and caicos. every time we have someone visiting i like to put my personal suggestions together hoping that they have the time of their life and don’t miss out on anything. i love doing this and try to give detailed input as if it was for me.

so i thought why not have a permanent short guide for anyone planning to visit? i will keep this info with easy access and update regularly as new places and spots come up (or my opinion changes) – Continue reading

turks and caicos in watercolour


when my mum came to visit last november, she set up a mini art studio by our back porch. she had loads of pictures from her previous visits and spent her days painting outside. it was so nice having her present, and knowing that she felt at home, doing what she likes best, in our place.

lucky me, i got her turks and caicos watercolours as christmas gifts, so now i have all these really cute reminders of her stay on island.

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julia 04/52

julia-0452julia at age 1 – walking barefoot on the sand, running towards the waves, falling down, getting wet and sand all over her, and start again. happiness ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter

some family photos

myseastory-family-photos-2last december, our friend chanelle took a few pictures of us by the pool and beach in front of our house. i first met chanelle through our blogs, just before she moved on island! she and her husband craig worked at brilliant studios here in provo, and sadly they just left the island to go back home to south africa! i’m so happy how they turned out, these are a few of my favorites – Continue reading

christmas in turks and caicos


how do we spend christmas in turks and caicos? it sure is different than in the city, with cold (and cozy) weather, enjoying time together by the fire place and eating roasted chestnuts.

it’s warm and sunny, there is little or no shopping, and we’re in flip flops and short sleeves all day. and because most of us are here without our families, we stick together and enjoy spending christmas with close friends. Continue reading