turks and caicos in watercolour


when my mum came to visit last november, she set up a mini art studio by our back porch. she had loads of pictures from her previous visits and spent her days painting outside. it was so nice having her present, and knowing that she felt at home, doing what she likes best, in our place.

lucky me, i got her turks and caicos watercolours as christmas gifts, so now i have all these really cute reminders of her stay on island.

TCI-in-watercolour-by-myseastory-2 TCI-in-watercolour-by-myseastory-3

i love seeing turks and caicos through her eyes, she never gets tired of the beach, the views, and her beach walks, and i know she will always be as excited to come back, as she was the first time. TCI-in-watercolour-by-myseastory-4 TCI-in-watercolour-by-myseastory-6 TCI-in-watercolour-by-myseastory-7

she is SO talented. i am a fan all her watercolors, but these ones have a special meaning to me!

oh, and i love that she has already initiated julia in watercolor painting – see here ♡

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