caicos dream

i have previously mentioned caicos dream tours (here), but it’s was about time I tell you a little more about it.

here’s the thing, every time we have friends and family visiting we go on this tour -yes, i have lost my count! my first time was on my first weekend on island and last week i got to go again – and i love it every time.

last week we were a ginormous group, so we had two boats for ourselves, but usually they pick up tourists staying at hotels along grace bay beach.

this is perfect for half a day plan and the outing has three different chapters!

first we stop by the reef for some snorkeling, i recommend you bringing your snorkeling material, but otherwise you can borrow theirs. we get to see all sorts of coral and colored fish – sometimes we bring our underwater camera too.

then we stop at a special spot to go conch searching, it is quite tricky as they are very well disguised.

we then stopped at iguana island, learn how to clean up a conch and relax by the beach in search of iguanas.

last week there were loads of eagle rays coming near the shore and we even saw a small shark just when we got out of the water!! can you see it? i know it’s small, but still a shark!

on the way back we get to eat conch ceviche made with the conchs we found and each family can take a conch shell home.

we had a great day out and i recommend anyone coming to provo to sign up! make sure you bring lots of sunscreen!!

see more pictures HERE

caicos dream tour contacts – (649) 231-7274 – a 3hour tour as described costs 89$per person.

on the go

i always have this beach bag ready for a last minute beach initiative. it’s hanging on my room and this is what i bring with me, if you would like to see. i just add the sunscreens, fill in the bottle, mobile, camera, and i’m on the go!

clockwise from top left – glass bottle with lemonade in it (i hate the plastic ones that are so hard to wash) by bkr – bath style cotton peshtemel turkish beach towel from etsy – colorblock bikini (i love to mix and match different colors) by j crew – emanating light clutch (perfect for all the sunscreens, lotions, mobile phone, camera) from anthropology – kindle filled with books (got it since i moved here and don’t plan to move dozens of books back someday) from amazon – hepcat shades in beach pebble from madewell – short brim fedora from hat attack.