providenciales beach guide

myseastory-turks-and-caicos-beach-guidehow many beaches have you visited in turks and caicos? grace bay beach is the longest, beautiful and award winning one, but there are so many more worth a visit. there are still a couple i have never been too (and will have to be on my bucket list for my first visit back!) –

follow the map for our favorite beaches around providenciales –

GRACE BAY BEACH – on the north shore of the island, wheres most hotels are located, there are several beach accesses, so beautiful and long, it has a different personality for every stretch of the beach. definitely great for walks #gracebaybeachwalks, also, you might spot jojo the dolphin (see here).

LEEWARD BEACH – an extension of grace bay beach, it’s usually quiet, great for collecting sea shells and the rocks on the beach are give it a lot of character. on tis beach i found my first starfish and we had our maternity photos taken, so it has a special place in my heart (see here).

LONG BAY BEACH – on the south shore, it has a beautiful beach access, it’s the kite surfer’s beach, it can be windy and the water is very shallow. probably the only beach with palm trees in the sand, and i really like that about it (see here).

TURTLE TAIL – there are several small beaches in this area, some are rocky and many are only accessible through the private villas. we found a small rocky beach, crystal blue water, with easy access from the road, it reminded us of the mediterranean (see here).

SAPODILLA BAY – a small bay on the south shore, the beach has become smaller with recent construction, but the access is easy and the water is shallow, making it perfect for kids.

TAYLOR BAY – located side by side with sapodilla, the access is not as easy to find, the bay is wider and shallow too, it’s one of our favorites. there’s a huge tree on the west side of the beach that gives a great shade.

BONE FISH POINT – the only beach we haven’t been to, i hear its really beautiful and great for bone fishing, but it’s very secluded and you might want to make sure you go in a big group to be safe, or even better, by boat.

MALCOM’S BEACH – rocky but nice, it’s the amanyara resort’s beach, from here i saw a whale on the sea for the very first time, pretty magical.

BLUE HILLS – great to hang out a little after lunch at the conch shack, but not a really nice beach to go to the beach. also, i like taking friends to blue hills to see more of what is the  local culture (rather than just hotels and resorts) and photograph the caribbean coloured houses by the sea.

THOMPSON COVE – located between blue hills and babalua, you must access this beach through blue hills, i think we might’ve been once, the water is shallow and great for dog walks.

BABALUA BEACH –  sometimes known as blue mountain beach, quite secluded but access is easy. again, we haven’t been many times, and the water is shallow with a few rocks (see here)

SMITH’S REEF – we used to live in turtle cove, so we walked to this beach a lot, it’s usually quiet and nice, but the beach is not very wide. it’s one of the best spots on island for snorkeling, james went there the other day, and he really liked it.

THE BIGHT BEACH – great beach with the only kids park on island, it was our favorite beach when we first arrived on island. they have fish fry every thursday evening, which can be fun, but hectic too if you’re looking for some quiet time (see here and here and here).

CORAL GARDENS – the top snorkeling spot on island. there’s a protected reef, but you can swim around it and get to see as much. the beach is small and usually very busy, but we love to come here for lunch, at somewhere, and have the best pulled pork tacos. it’s also great place to watch the sunset.

ps – beaches in other islands i’ve been to and liked – PARROT CAY – our favorite weekend break destination, (see here and here) – BAMBARA BEACH – when we went to the crab fest in middle caicos (see here) – PILLORY BEACH – on our trip to grand turk (see here) – IGUANA ISLAND BEACH – every time we go on a caicos dream tour (see here).

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