wishlist # 5


i’m one of those persons, who loves tea, and coffee too. but let’s face it, tea can be so much healthier, so i promised myself i would cut on coffee and drink more tea.

i thought i would ask my friend tania, from my tea break – a blog all about tea – to share a few of her tea choices:

1. Rare Tea Company Whole Leaf Tea – An exquisite Chinese Green Tea that is meticulously hand-crafted. It has a refreshing and light smoky flavour which is the antithesis of bitter, mass produced Green Tea.

2. My Tea Break White Peony – a delicious introduction to Chinese White Tea. This Tea has a creamy and soft taste with a refreshing and sweet aftertaste. You can drink it at any time of the day.

3. Tea Pigs Jasmine Pearls – Little perals of hand rolled green Tea tips which have been delicately infused with pure jasmine flowers. An amazing refreshing and floral taste.

4. Argo Tea Moroccon Mist – This moroccon mist tea, a natural gunpowder green Tea from China blended with a refreshing burst of mint, always brings me great memories of travelling with Joana in Morocco.

5. Lahloo Tea Puerh Shou Vintage – Produced by the Mannong Project, a fair trade cooperative, in the heart of a 1500-year-old ancient forest in Yunnan, China. Not everyone’s cup of Tea, but such a special deep, dark, sweet and smooth Tea.

6. Harney & Sons Caribe Blend – This exotic blend of green and black teas enhanced by tropical flavours, such as hibiscus, guava, coconuts and strawberry, marigolds and cornflowers. Perfect if you live in an island like Joana.

thank you so much, tania for sharing some great tea alternatives!

what is your favourite tea? personally i’m a sucker for jasmine green tea. do you always buy the same one or do you like trying out new blends? i would love to know!

wishlist # 4

wether you like it or not, it’s valentine week, and although i’m not a big fan of doing anything fancy myself (who likes overpriced menus and fully booked restaurants?) i do love everything heart shaped – so let’s celebrate our way, shall we?

1. love heart pillow by alexander girard from polyvore – 2. heart themed bk water bottle from bkr – 3. mini sequin hearts from ban.do – 4. knot and bow heart stickers from etsy – 5. valentine gummy hearts from williams sonoma – 6. vintage heart cutting board from jason home.

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ps – and a couple of suggestions for dinner, grace bay club and beach house.

wishlist # 3

in-the-mood-for-green by myseastorythis week pantone announced the colour of the year for 2013 – emerald green 17-5641, this has always been one of my colours of choice. green signifies growth, renewal, health, and environment and it represents hope in many cultures. here are a few of my favourite finds in emerald green –

1. bonfire rainforest paper wallpaper by sixhands – 2. chandelle statement earrings – green onyx from oliphant design – 3. portico green silk tee by madewell (on sale!!) – 4. sequined solid waist irregular chiffon dress green from sheinside – 5. filed of flowers postcards by baba souk – 6. flat clutch in green by clare vivier.

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wishlist # 2

since it’s cyber monday today, i thought today i would do some online shopping…currently these area few of my favourite pieces, all from jcrew. they have recently started shipping to all over the world. the perks of shopping from jcrew  (until Dec 30th) is they are voiding all shipping costs and import taxes. we tried it and it works! i might as well enjoy it whilst it lasts!

1. colorblock shell tank top in mauve blush papaya, on sale – 2. toothpick jeans in garment-dyed twill in light citron – 3. printed backup battery for iphone in shocking pink – 4. denim short in faded indigo – 5. bubble necklace in turquoise , on sale – 6. peplum stripe top in black.

wishlist # 1

i have recently realized how much more excited i get when i find a clutch i like than an actual handbag. maybe it’s because of island life, it’s just easy to have what i need in a handy clutch or pouch, than having to carry a handbag every where i go. plus, they are perfect for our all year round summer evenings. these are a few of my favourites right now – j

1. clare vivier striped trinity clutch from anthropologie – 2. peach and platinum large clutch from shawn burke – 3. large flat zip pouch in vermillion tie dye from tracey tanner – 4. fuschia color block pouch from celine – 5. gold dotted clutch from poketo – 6. invitation clutch in colorblock (on sale!!) from j.crew.

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