travel & packing to provo

i have to confess i hate packing, having to decide what to wear in advance, for each occasion, for my mood on that day…argh! and i always wait to last minute for inspiration…

i found this dvf film on a house in the hills, i wish it was that easy for me!


i am now counting the days to my next visitors and yesterday, whilst giving them tips on what to wear, i realized  packing for provo is the easiest thing.

here are my tips of what to bring –

  • shorts & tops for during the day, and/or beachwear, whatever weather we have i always wear this.
  • flipflops, i can’t live without my havaianas, every day.
  • thin trousers to wear at night, trousers is perfect to prevent mosquitoes and sand flies, although its too hot for jeans.
  • a couple of nice tops to wear for dinner outs.
  • sunscreen, with high SPF, the sun can get pretty hot, lipbalm and aftersun.
  • insect repellent, we use it all the time.
  • sunglasses and a hat.
  • shampoo, shower gel, and all your beauty products…you might find them here, but they are way too expensive.
  • bikini / swimming suit / swimming shorts and beach towel.
  • a book, kindle, ipad, magazines, you’ll have plenty of time to relax.
  • camera, and you might want to bring a disposable water camera too.

can you think of anything else? the island is very informal so there is no need to bring lots of high heels, make up, accessories and clothes for different occasions.

last day before holidays

i have one day to go, and all of a sudden feel an urge to be at the beach and pool… i know i won’t have my sea + sun + sand for the next couple of weeks.

i am taking the day for myself, starting with a power walk by the beach close to home, followed by mani and pedi and then lunch at my friend’s place. in the afternoon i plan to relax by the pool.

and packing? at night! i know, i know…i have enough time to pack and plan properly – somehow i seem to be more “inspired for packing” last minute and on the night before.

loving this picture found here