lil’ sister

today my lil’ sister is 19!

she likes acting

i like blogging

she likes everything cheese

i like everything cheese too

she is into fashion

i’m into sports, i know, that’s not true

i don’t like weird food

she hates weird food

she likes polka dots

i like stripes

ok, she likes stripes too

she’s tall

and i’m small

and we like starbucksing every day

…i just love hanging out with her, doing girly stuff and having grown up talks!

12 thoughts on “lil’ sister

  1. Hey that was me who took that pic that night at pescador at sheraton algarve. I was on weekend duty and we had just ridden through the water sprinklers on a golf buggy!!

  2. i like travelling, you too
    going to the movies, and you both love it
    cod fish,oh you just go mad with ” bacalhau dourado”
    shopping, we go crazy together
    my car, hum my car, who doesn’ t love it
    family events, lots of them
    my paintings, yes i love painting and you are proud of me
    i also love to do girlish things with you.

    and i love you

  3. Nanas! I only just saw this- no internet at home, of course!!
    Miss you and love you loads! Can’t wait for you to be back so we can go to the movies, to the theater, show you more blogs, eat loaads of cheese, go shopping and shopping, not do sports (unless you count shopping!), eat non-weird stuff…like cheese!, wear all shades of polka dots, but not too many stripes, wear ballerinas and let you wear heels, have starbucks every single day and get really fat off it, aaaand talk talk talk talk- especially in your bed– it’s way better than mine :)
    Saudades suas Nanas!! Os meus anos foram óptimos, mas faltou a Nanas!! E o Lalo também!
    Agora já tenho um blackberry e podemos falar todos os dias ainda mais vezes! See you later alligator (Skpe!!).
    Muiiiiitos beijinhos!!!!
    I will of course print this and put it up on my wall :)
    Counting the days until you’re back!!!!
    Miss you too James ;)

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