about moving with a toddler

julia-3852moving isn’t easy, let alone moving from an island to a city, with a 20 month old toddler. julia is a baby traveller, we take her everywhere, she’s been on more than 40 flights and stayed at numerous hotels, that’s how we roll. everyone told me that if she was used to traveling, she would adapt easier than us. but reality wasn’t exactly like that, we knew what to expect (packing, new places, new people and new ways of getting our way round), but she, she couldn’t exactly tell what was going on.

the first few weeks were really hard, we are definitely not homebodies, but some days i would barely leave the house with the fear of a huge tantrum in the middle of nowhere. we had two episodes (once because she wanted to go to a swing on someone else’s front porch and another time at whole foods) they were embarrassing, and these were the hardest i’ve ever had to deal with julia. i love her to pieces and it broke my heart seeing her so confused and unhappy.

i learned a few things along the way which i hope can help if you’re planning to move with a toddler – Continue reading

julia 38 / 52

julia-3852julia at 20 months –   our first week in new orleans, i can only imagine what goes through her mind when i try to explain that we moved here, or when we’re at the grocery store and i say ‘let’s go home” and this is not the home she knows. to make things a little harder…we went on an ‘iPad cleanse’, it was just too easy to entertain her with the ipad when i needed to pack and get organized for the move. now we’re on a sticker-playdoh-painting-reading-strolling repeat mode.

some days have been really good, exciting and fun. but some days have been hard too. i’ve been trying to be extra-patient and understanding with her, and giving her lot’s of cuddles ♡

a weekly portrait of my daughter

5 things i look forward to in new orleans

we finally made it to new orleans after being stranded in provo due to tropical storm joaquin. we’re sad to leave our friends in turks and caicos, but really looking forward to our new life in nola.

bare with me as we settle down and take it easy the first few days, i’ll be posting some snaps on instagram. in the meantime, these are a few of the things i’m excited to experience during our first weeks in the city.kindred-studios

kindred studios –  a gym where i can exercise with julia, i’m specially excited to try their spinning classes.blanc-beauty-barblanc beauty bar – the coolest beauty salon i’ve seen, after the move, i’m in need of some pampering.

cafe-du-mondecafe du monde (pic via dabito‘s instagram) – a classic, coffee and beignet the new orleans way.

st-roch-marketst roch market – a high end food court located downtown, looking forward to start exploring southern food.


mosquitos supper club – will be signing up for a cajun supper club dinner, shrimp, oysters and crabs, all sound great to me.

are there any other great spots i shouldn’t miss in new orleans, please share, i would love to hear! xx

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some news

some-news-by-myseastoryso here’s the news, friends, we’re moving. yeap, i can’t quite believe it yet, but in exactly one month, we’ll be flying (with looooot’s of luggage) to new orleans, where we’ll settle down and james will be pursuing a new job. remember this post from 2 years ago, well it’s not april fool’s today, it’s for real.

it goes without saying that we’re super sad to leave turks and caicos, our home on the beach, the amazing friends we made and the unbelievable quality of life we’ve had here. we feel very lucky for the chance to have lived in this paradise looking island for the past 4 years.

but we’re excited too, for james’ new job, to experience city life again, and to see what nola has to offer, even more now that it’s been 10 years since katrina, and the city is booming with creativity and opportunities. they say new orleans is the most caribbean and european city in america – it sounds like a good combo to me.

we can’t wait to start exploring the big easy, and hope you continue to follow along our adventures. in the meantime, there’s a few more posts on turks and caicos i can’t wait to share, and of course i’ll be making the most of our last month on island – lot’s of vitamin sea for us before we go. and if you have any tips for surviving a move with a toddler, i’d love to hear!