colour love in new orleans

new-orleans-colours-by-myseastory-10in our neighbourhood, uptown new orleans, most houses have subtle colours like grey, beige and mauve (like this one). but as you drive east, towards the marigny and bywater area, you can see a lot of caribbean influences, the houses burst in colour (like these ones), and i’m totally obsessed with these combinations.


ps – 5 things i’m loving about new orleans from our first month in the city, and other new orleans posts here.

about mardi gras

mardi-gras-by-myseastory-3i’m no mardi gras expert, but was lucky to experience it for the first time this year, as a local, or sort of – and let me tell you a few things about it:

the energy in the city overall is amazing, everyone is happy and in good moods, locals, and tourists alike, are riding their bikes (yes, traffic gets hectic too and impossible to find a parking spot), the houses are all decorated with the mardi gras colours (purple, green and gold), everyone’s having parties and eating king cake, and there’s music all over.

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julia 46 / 52

julia-4652julia at 22 months – as we get closer to her 2nd birthday, i start worrying more and more about two things 1) potty training and 2) getting rid of that pacifier of hers. somehow it seems like the more i try to hide it, the more she wants it… ♡

ps – any amazing tips to ease the pain in getting rid of her pacifier?

a weekly portrait of my daughter

about moving with a toddler

julia-3852moving isn’t easy, let alone moving from an island to a city, with a 20 month old toddler. julia is a baby traveller, we take her everywhere, she’s been on more than 40 flights and stayed at numerous hotels, that’s how we roll. everyone told me that if she was used to traveling, she would adapt easier than us. but reality wasn’t exactly like that, we knew what to expect (packing, new places, new people and new ways of getting our way round), but she, she couldn’t exactly tell what was going on.

the first few weeks were really hard, we are definitely not homebodies, but some days i would barely leave the house with the fear of a huge tantrum in the middle of nowhere. we had two episodes (once because she wanted to go to a swing on someone else’s front porch and another time at whole foods) they were embarrassing, and these were the hardest i’ve ever had to deal with julia. i love her to pieces and it broke my heart seeing her so confused and unhappy.

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