new orleans best coffee shops (according to me)

best-coffee-shops-in-new-orleans-by-myseastory-5somehow, when we moved to new orleans, i began to develop a liking for coffee, ok, bordering obsession. honestly, i don’t think my palate is developed enough to be able to describe the different coffees, roasts and origins, but i can tell if i like them or not. and it began making a difference, i no longer wanted to have coffee in just any coffee shop, i wanted to go to specific spots. and to think that i used to have an obsession for starbucks…

these were my top coffee shops in new orleans and i would definitely recommend (in no particular order) –

mojo coffee house (pictured above) – very new orlean, a no frills spot to enjoy whilst getting some work done, located on freret and on magazine street

best-coffee-shops-in-new-orleans-by-myseastory-1french truck – the coolest coffee shop (so instagramable) and super friendly staff, located on magazine street and now at the new dryades market

best-coffee-shops-in-new-orleans-by-myseastory-3district coffee – my favorite coffee shop overall, the coffee is always good and same for the treats, hello donut heaven, both locations on opposite ends of magazine street

best-coffee-shops-in-new-orleans-by-myseastory-2sólo espresso – located in the bywater, these cozy spot serves one of my first coffees loves, panther coffee roasted in miami

best-coffee-shops-in-new-orleans-by-myseastory-4revelator coffee – my favorite for their coffee, i like their sleek aesthetic too, located in the central business district

also, watch out for stumptown coffee scheduled to open soon at the new ace hotel!

did i miss out on any other spots? i would love to know!

fourth picture from here, all others by me

on instagram lately / 14

feb16-instaa short & sweet post today – last month in new orleans and there was still so much to do… at the same time so busy organizing, packing, and making sure the move runs smoothly (for the sake of tantrums). will be taking it easy these following weeks, i might’ve learned a few things from our last move. also, julia is more aware of what is going on, so hopefully that’ll help. will miss nola and the friendliest people we met during these last few months. we had a short stay but new orleans is indeed a very special city and will always have a place in our hearts.

ps – i’ll be sharing a few pictures from our last days in the city, in the mean time click here for all new orleans posts so far.

distric / new orleans

district-by-myseastory-5when we first arrived to new orleans last october, i was on the look out for a good coffee shop in our neighbourhood. one of my favorite routines is going out in the morning with julia and grabbing a coffee, to help start my days off on the right foot :) it’s amazing how kids like their routines, so it works out for both of us.

district-by-myseastory-7district-by-myseastory-12 district-by-myseastory-14

luckily, on day 2 i found district hand pie & coffee bar, just two blocks away from our airbnb. not only the girls there are super friendly, but their coffee is really good, and they use the best ingredients. on special ‘treat days’, which happened more often than i would like to admit, we would get a blueberry muffin or a chocolate chip cookie with sea salt – delicious and just too tempting!


then we found out they also have a food truck (which we never got the chance to see) and a second location on magazine street, district: donuts, sliders, brew – a fun and casual spot for craft brewed coffee, sliders and an outstanding creativity for donut flavors. their mind-blowing donuts are different every day and range from salted caramel, vietnamese iced coffee, red beans and rice, peanut butter and marshmallow or limoncello and poppyseed to name a few. its always busy and sometimes with a queue that can scare you off, but so worth the wait.

also, how cool are those iconic benches pictured on top?!

district is definitely our favorite coffee shop in new orleans, there’s nothing like it and we”re going to miss our daily coffees and weekend donut dates!

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6th picture from district’s website, all other by myseastory

krewe du optic / new orleans

krewe-du-optic-by-myseastory-2during our last weeks in new orleans we tried to soak up as much time as we could around town, that meant juggling ‘julia time’ with ‘me time’ :) and it meant fitting in a little bit of local shopping too!

so on our way to some exploring we made a pit stop at krewe du optic – a new orleans based eyewear company that i found about through instagram.

amongst quaint streets and colorful verandas the store has a real clean look, with a little coffee shop by merchant and a back yard, it almost felt like a little oasis in the heart of the french quarter.


needless to say i loved most of them, so hard to chose!! i’m usually indecisive, and in regards to eyewear almost always go for brown frames – but hannah was super friendly and helpful in picking out a new pair of sunnies that would be original and different yet still a little traditional – like the ones julia’s wearing below?krewe-du-optic-by-myseastory-1

if you’re visiting new orleans, you must make a pit stop at krewe du optic, head over here to see their contact details.

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julia 05 / 52

julia-0552 when our walking to the park takes us 30 minutes (rather than 15) because we’re strolling mimi and mr lamb, and we’re stopping to pet every-single-dog on the way. oh, and she’s loving the band-aid fashion too! ♡

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